It Ain't Easy Being Indian


ricey wild.jpgSooooo … I was talking to one of my

brother’s Mike W. (I have two!) about getting our kids enrolled.

Our father is not on our birth certificates and it’s a big deal as

I’m sure some of yooz know how difficult it is to prove; and how

‘blood quantum’ was created to essentially wipe American Indians

out as sovereign nations. In the conversation I told him that when I

was a little kid I never wanted to be married and be a cat lady. A

moment passed and Mike Wynde sez, “so…you’re Living the Dream.”

I know!!!!! I laughed so hard and when I was able to collect myself I

said maybe I should have picked something else? Hai! Oh well I’m

here now.

“Living the dream” tchuh! I love


My dear cousin Amanda L. came by my

office today, she lives in the Big City so I don’t get to see a lot

of her so it’s really special when I do. This past June was

Rezberry Daze where enrolled members come up for fun and feasting and

hopefully win a drawing for money. I didn’t make it this year but I

did see some family so I am happy. Well Amanda and I got to talking;

we have both been through some really difficult times in the recent

past and commiserated and hugged it out.

I shared that I have stopped fighting

myself about living up here which was devastatingly awful for me

because of the culture shock I experienced. Ma-an!!!! Then I told

Amanda that I have come to accept that the Creator has put me just

where I’m supposed to be; that events have been falling into place

and the picture is becoming clear. Then Amanda said that she deals

with adversity and painful memories by accepting her own “Crazy”

and how it helps her function. I laughed heartily because

subconsciously I too have done just that long ago and trust me it


Like this one time I brought a

Chiquita banana to work for my breakfast. My sister and I used to

fight over who got the blue sticker so our Mother would make sure

there were two to defuse at least one of our battles that day. So I

stuck the blue sticker where my third eye is and went merrily about

my day. When I went into the restroom later I got sticker shock.

OMG!!! I forgot to peel off the banana sticker and NO ONE told me it

was there or questioned me about it. Mortified I asked my co-worker

why she didn’t tell me it was there? She says, “I thought it was

your new look” in a calm voice. Then I laughed my flat Indian

buttocks right off.

Wha-at? I then realized there’s not

much I can do anymore that would surprise or shock people because I’m

very eccentric and quite peculiar, some folks might even say

downright weird. That’s okay by me though because they are correct.

The beauty of being considered a

nut-case has many advantages. Most people will give one a wide berth

so one has plenty of breathing space and freedom to move. One can

also dress in creative clothing and get away with it and are

complimented by other’s who wear less, shall we say, colorful gear

off the rack from WalMart. (I despise WalMart) Okay yes I do buy some

stuff there. I was never taught how to make my own gondie’s so

there. Better yet when one embraces and celebrates one’s distinct

odditie’s one can also appreciate others’ who do the same.

So go ahead and fly that freak flag my

dears!!! Life is way more fun when you cut the generic shackles off

your feet to dance. Creator made us as individuals so we do honor by

being unusual. WAKE UP!!!!

The Rezberry Veterans Powwow is this

July 11, 12 & 13; no one asked me to write this but it’s a

phenomenal gathering and the Veterans are highly honored and held in

the highest regard for their service. I want to thank them on paper;

truly the women and men alike carry on a proud warrior tradition to

keep their people safe. Chii Miigwech Ogichiidag! (Thank you very

much warriors). My father Jerry Charette who has passed on was in the

Air Force, my brother Michael Choate was/is Army. I appreciate them

and the people who support them.

I’m looking forward to the rest of

what passes for summer up here. I bask in the Sun, appreciate the

glory of greenness and magic lightening bugs, I’m anticipating

seeing old friends and making new ones and perhaps do me some

snaggin’. LOL! No just kidding about the last part.

*I’m sending big love and hugs to

the Linden Family*