It Aint easy being indian:


Dear Teacher, "What I did this summer."

Ahem! It could have been an awful summer season in a lot of ways. First, spring skipped us entirely up here so we went straight from winter to summer. Even the mosquitoes were disgusted because they got a late start on feasting on the delicious, chubby, pale, sun-starved people who inhabit these northern climes.

Then last month my car got repo’ed for no logical or rational reason that I or anyone else can comprehend. Also, for an entire day I was just one step ahead of the Law; the Rezberry Riders were after me again, just for keeping what was mine.  

So yeah, it could have really sucked but my summer did not. In fact I had an amazing, good time. Truly the best times I’ve had after recent years of enduring so much misery. I am a lucky woman. Sure the IRS is taking over half my paycheck, I still have a job; my Mommy took my car away but I still get to work and play. I’m happily single and share my home with furry roommates so I’m never alone or bored, in fact I wish Mitzi and the cats would keep the drama to a minimum.

So what made my summer so great? I’m glad you asked. I met Larry Yazzie, Fancy Dancer, Educator AND the finest Indian man I’ve ever seen. Larry performed at the Rezberry Enrollee Daze. Gary Farmer, who has a blues/rock band, was also there (and yes, I am name-dropping shamelessly I might). One of the guitarists sang in "Indian"; the combination was fantastic and I felt just happy. We are 21st century Indians and can and have adapted as our ancestors did before us in many different ways. Nothing blue about that!

Then, to my delight and amusement, the headliner of the concert – the extraordinary, very pretty and talented guitarist Micki Free dedicated Jimi Hendrix’s "Foxy Lady" to me! I know! Later he also played "Wild Thing" and I almost busted up my powwow chair cuz I was dancing…well shaking it all crazy, cuz I was the only person there who really knows how to party. But I didn’t dance all by myself because there were so many cameras. I don’t wanna become a hit yanno?

I saw Micki and his woman later at the Risky Raccoon and I teasingly told him I took a picture of his…backside. Micki’s eyes widened up (or was that just his eyeliner?) and he said "You took a picture of my (sic) seating area? I giggled and then his woman, a gorgeous Indian princess with cheekbones that could cut glass said, "You send those pictures to me!" I kid you not. I was astonished and then very pleased with the whole encounter. That’s right. I am telling you cuz when it comes to mind I laugh and feel good all over again. Purrrrr!!!!!

A friend and I went to a really small town (no, a village more like) to listen to some outdoor music. It was advertised as a Folk Festival but the only thing "folk" about it were the folks who attended. We saw a blues band; Jimmi & The Band of Souls, and a local classic rock band.

Then the very next week my friend and I took a road trip to the Krappy Kasino located north of the ‘Raccoon to see ZZ Top. OMG! Now I know them guys are old and all but they still rock it like musicians 70 years their junior! What I couldn’t get over was how skinny their legs are. It must be from all the years of playing heavy fur guitars.

Speaking of rest, there was none for me until I saw Morris Day & The Time at the state fair. I managed to get a decent view – but later hot, sweaty bodies pushed their way through and I was annoyed (and grossed out by the proximity of so many people, I’m not used to that anymore) but at least I got to see Morris, Jerome, Jellybean and the band due to my fairy godmother. Bless you for being so fun, and very sweet. I love you!

I was also lucky to see a few old friends who live a distance from me but are in my heart all the time. Melissa, Annie, Christine, Kimber, Rick G., Billy C., and I have hugs all stocked up for the coming winter cold.

Yanno what though? I had a damn good time and I deserved it. The best thing that happened to me this summer was my being freed of the chains of despondency and control. I now make my own world and it’s gonna stay that way. No more shackles on my feet that won’t let me dance!!!