It Ain't Easy Being Indian


ricey wild.jpgIf you are a regular reader of this

column you must be familiar with my one of my major rants; the Bering

Strait Theory. Yeah, I become an absolute monster spewing rage and

fury anytime I come across that lie. I wrote some years ago how the

white man’s own technology would prove what Indians of Native

nations have said all along, that we were put here by the Creator as

were the animals, waters and vegetation that truly is all we need to

thrive here on Turtle Island.

So when I read that an arrowhead AND a

mastodon skull were found close to each other off the coast of

Chesapeake Bay I was all excited. Dang!!! We had some badass

ancestors hah?! Eating mastodon steaks and all! My imagination is

boggled by the idea of hunting mastodons but hey they found a way to

hunt them cuz an Indian’s gotta eat right? More articles have also

come out recently that we Indians of the Americas are genetically

similar and very different from other people who migrated out from


TAKE THAT and roll it up in a bun you

naysayers!!! Jeez I’m smiling just big as I write this.

There is also growing evidence that

people can also inherit traumatic memories in their gene sequence and

I believe that. I also believe that we, the descendants of the few

who were left after the U.S. genocide are stronger because we have to

be. BTW, I know some very strong women on Facebook who are organizing

and yeah yooz better Wacha!!! Women will be the ones to pick up the

ugly mess made by 21st Century idiots and those with their head stuck

in the sand regarding climate change and dependence on fossil fuels.

In fact girls (yes girls!) are

inventing ways to generate power without damaging the environment. On

FB it’s called “A Mighty Girl” and I encourage all of you to

check it out because we all came from a woman’s body. Right now is

a good time to eliminate sexist stereotypes and the culture of rape.

Right now is always a good time to become a more aware, compassionate

human being.

Well I’m all over the place in this

column but I have to make sure my poopy story is included. My beloved

friend Anneh came to visit me in Rezberry. We watched the fireworks

and the next day she asked if I wanted to go to Madeline Island which

is a day trip to one of the important areas our ancestors lived. Of

course I enthusiastically said yes and off we went. Anneh wanted to

eat at a Chinese restaurant and I told her there was a little hole in

the wall Cantonese place right on the way. There was no Chinese place

and we had passed one up because I assured her… anyways …

We ended up at a café and I ordered

Eggs Benedict a favorite of mine (I love hollandaise and runny eggs).

She had a regular breakfast and we made it to Madeline Island via the

ferry; Anneh brought her car so we could tour the entire island. An

old Indian cemetery is near the water and has gravestones going back

to early to mid 1800s. Since my job is Rezberry Graves Registrar I am

very interested in all things to do with cemeteries stopping just

short of becoming a Goth. 😉 There is also a part of the island that

is a state park, Anneh said there is a lagoon and we set off walking

on a path made of boards just enough room for two people to pass.

After a bit of unwanted (by me) exercise (she conveniently left that

part out grumble grumble) she said “All this walking makes me want

to poop.”

Upon hearing the word ‘poop’ my

insides began to rumble and roar. In terror that I would poop my

pants I dropped draws by a tree that did nothing to hide me. Anneh

made it behind a tree further back but I was in sight in both

directions. Then the mosquitoes began feasting on my backside so

there I was swatting and scared some people would see me. I had two

dry Kleenexes and one I had used to blow my nose but did not want to

litter. LOL!!! Then I saw some people coming from both directions and

I hastily pulled my shorts up and tried to kick dirt over. (I guess I

am part cat). When the people got closer I pretended I was studying

the plants. I think they knew.

Oh well. At least it didn’t happen

in the protected area.

September already? Jeez I want some

more summer for another adventure or two! I promise not to order Eggs

Benedict, kay??!