It Ain't Easy Being Indian


ricey wild.jpgIn another dazzling display of

culturally entrenched racism against the First Peoples of Turtle

Island Ted Nugent called us “Unclean vermin” who “don’t

qualify as people.” He went on to say that there is a lunatic

fringe of hateful, rotten, dishonest people that hate happy,

successful people. Wow. Then there’s wannabe president Michele

Bachman who has a great idea for the Central American children, who

seek refuge and a new, better life than their war-torn homicidal

country’s can give them. Put them in labor camps says Bachman, then

they learn American, work and everybody wins. *choke* SNORT! What?

In the case of Nugent I am the first

person to speak up for freedom of speech but that works both ways

Teddy boy. You are a vile, stinking, poisonous mass of diarrhea, a

hypocritical blowhard who was very willing to take money from unclean

vermin who don’t qualify as people. Well money talks but so do

disgusting jerks. ‘Nuff about that cesspool of hatred.

Now for Mrs. Bachman; just when I

think she can’t possibly say nor do anything to top her already

despicable actions she does it again. History would truly repeat

itself were this inhuman scheme come to be. Indian boarding schools

and the inexplicable horrors that happened to children away from

their families are still very much a part of our culture, one we are

trying desperately to change. The U.S. agenda to wipe us out

completely failed so they killed the Indian to save the man. We were

being trained in white man ways to enter indentured servitude and

supposed to be grateful for it. Now Bachman would impose that on

thousands more little brown children.

I can’t imagine the horrors they

have already endured before they got to the border which, thanks to

Gov. Rick Perry will be lined with Texas National Guard bristling

with body armor and heavy weapons against small, weak, hungry

children most of whom were lucky thus far not to die in the desert.

My heart explodes with angry love wondering how the children’s

parents could send them away so young. Then I remember it’s the

U.S. Drug wars that are responsible for the endless violence that is

daily life for them. It is with desperate love that those kids came

to be here; their families want what we all want, a better life for

our children. It’s that simple only it has been made out to be a

crisis of made up magnitude.

Minnesota’s wolves have under attack

since the DNR lifted their Endangered Species status in 2012. I

believe special interest groups have funded this bill with the intent

to develop natural resources (destruction!) and they can’t do that

when there are endangered species in the area they want to scourge

for limited resources. Iron sulfide mining, tar oil sands and

pipelines all want access through wolf territories and they want it

now. Well, I am a part of a small, fringe lunatic community who most

emphatically DOES NOT want them to be happy.

This year the Minnesota DNR has upped

the licenses to 3800; 300 more than last year. They keep calling it a

‘harvest’ which to me similar to ‘friendly fire’ in that its

words used to disguise the blatant horrible truth. Wolves and

military people are being murdered. One more thing, stop that story

of the two wolves because it perpetrates the myth of wolves being

capable of being evil and they are not. Wolves are family-oriented

intelligent animals who have more right to be here than any of us.

I’m going to put my name in for the wolf hunt lottery. Of course I

won’t use it but I hope to stop anyone else using it. It’s all I

have right now, until I get up and out of my armchair activism and

spring into action. In the meantime I will continue writing. Love

your dog? Save a wolf.

I saw some smoke signals that Jim

Northrup, beloved columnist, author, poet, playwright, artist,

Vietnam Veteran and just a plain great man has written his last

column of Fond du Lac Follies. I always smile when I see him

and always will but I won’t miss him as much as yooz might cuz he’s

in my short Indian neck of the woods. Chii Miigwech Mr. Northrup for

your stories and humor … see you at the Risky Raccoon & Kasino?

I’ll buy you that bingo packet no one ever did. Word.

Well I’ve had some good adventures

and most of them involved eating and the natural result of having et.

It will have to wait until next month though, I used up all my column

space ranting and raving again so yooz will just have to hold it.

Heehee! Buns don’t fail me now!!!