It Ain't Easy Being Indian: March 2015


ricey wild.jpgAfter 10 years without I have

satellite again thanks to my Brother Mike W. I’m absolutely

addicted to the H2 channel when it’s about Ancient Aliens and

America Unearthed; both are very well produced in that they bring up

more questions than answers that leave the viewer to make up their

own mind. In fact, they are the very opposite of organized religion.

I love especially when my own belief that we here on this Earth have

been created as an extraterrestrial alien ant farm science project is

validated though not in those words. Ayyyyy!!!!

Yeah, yeah, yeah believe what you like

but please don’t deny or diss other people’s creation stories,

which are every bit as valid as any other that have millions of

followers or just a relative few. Just to reiterate: the Great Flood

must have been an actual event because most cultures have their own

stories about what happened; not just the Judeo-Christian story about

Noah and the Ark.

In fact I saw an episode generally

about North American Indian Peoples’ Creation Stories, NOT MYTHS,

about how the flood wiped out the previous civilizations because the

people became wicked and then the creation of our Turtle Island where

we live now. In addition to oral history there are also really big in

every sense of the word signs on rock art, in caves, hieroglyphics,

pyramids, ancient cities; and texts, mounds, artifacts, human remains

and even colossal figures drawn in a desert that can only be seen

from the air like the Nazca Lines in the plains of Peru and the

Carnac Stones in France.

Yes I freely shout that I am a ‘nerd’

and do not apologize for it, rather I make a point of keeping an open

mind for unfamiliar ideas, practices and cultural beliefs. I like

that about me and in other people. So when I see that not only books

but television programs that have the integrity to investigate and

broadcast non-mainstream shows I watch them and crave more.

The most fascinating show I watched

was a woman archaeologist who in the 1950s, in a dig in central

Mexico, came upon artifacts that were dated back to 300,000-400,000

years ago made by people!!! WE people here in America where our

ancestors are still being portrayed and dismissed as having only come

here via the Bering Strait 10,000-13,500 years ago. Gaghhhh!!! The

findings were not published because she being a she and the dating

was so incredible no one could or would acknowledge it and then the

artifacts conveniently disappeared.

For not remembering her name I

apologize; I feel she deserves justice and acclaim for her work.

On the weekend for lack of

enlightening programming on satellite I watched “Bizarre Foods”

hosted by Andrew Zimmerman, famous for eating bugs, gizzards and

other queasily questionable – to my palate – foods. But recall

that I consider keeping an open mind is essential so … while I had

a hard time deciding if I would actually eat this or that ethnic

delicacy there was also the story of the culture behind it which was

wonderfully interesting and enlightening.

Like, I would totally eat a chocolate

covered cricket (or pretty much anything smothered in chocolate, I’m

being real here) but would pass on most of any innards of a beast

that was barely cooked. I started out hungry when I was watching the

show but got rather green about the gills when even Andrew grimaced

at the feast in Madagascar, I mean that guy will shove anything in

his face!!! But what a job he has, hey? He travels the world, eating

all along the way and gets paid for it. Big, bald obese white men

have all the luck! I want in that game.

Speaking of game I asked my Dear

Gramma Rose about what she used to eat as a kid. Her father Henry La

Prairie was a trapper and log burler and they lived here in Rezberry.

She said they had a cow and that the family ate what ever was put on

their plate. They dined on a lot of catfish, rabbits of course,

porcupine, beaver, venison, moose and spuds; all the good stuff and

she’s 96 years-old now. No fast food in those days unless you count

deer and rabbits.

I’m trying to eat better again, I

did very well for a while until a holiday feast came up and all bets

were off. My main goal is to be healthy as I can in this crazy

preservative filled GMO insecticide world. I’m sure I won’t be

chasing any rabbits and reading its label like I do grocery items but

I won’t count it out either.

No stern lectures from me; I just want

my People to Live Long and Prosper. Thank you, Spock, for that