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Political Matters: Pipelines on the rez
Saturday, November 01 2014
Written by Mordecai Specktor,
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mordecai_specktor_some.jpgPipelines on the rez

This is separate from the column topic this month (oil pipelines running on and near reservations in Minnesota), but it’s a positive sign. Venerable rocker Bob Seger has a new album out titled “Ride Out.” One of his songs, “It’s Your World,” surveys various environmental threats and includes the lyrics: “Let’s talk about mining in Wisconsin, let’s talk about breathing in Beijing. / Let’s talk about chemicals in rivers, let’s talk about cash as king.”

The front man for the Silver Bullet Band seems to have weighed in with the environmental movement, including a nod to the Bad River band and others opposing the proposed Gogebic Taconite (GTAC) iron ore mine in Wisconsin.

Regarding pipelines in Minnesota, an Oct. 28 story in the Star Tribune caught my eye. The headline read: “Enbridge files to replace problem pipeline in Minnesota.” The story is about the decaying Line 3 pipeline, which runs from Joliette, N.D., to Superior, Wis. It’s part of what is called the Lakehead System.

Now, I’m not against all pipelines; as Enbridge, which has its headquarters in Calgary, Canada, points out on its Web site: “Petroleum products are part of our everyday lives – from how we fuel our cars and heat our homes, to the clothes we wear, the household products we buy, and how our food is grown. But before those products materialize, crude oil must be refined into petroleum.”

And then made into an attractive polyester suit.


It Ain't Easy Being Indian
Saturday, November 01 2014
Written by Ricey Wild,
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ricey wild.jpgAs Rezberry’s Graves Registrar I work to help people find a burial site in the cemetery for their deceased family members. Then their names are entered into what I call “The Book of the Dead.” No pun intended, it ain’t easy but someone’s got to do it.

There are some months that go by with no deaths at all and then there are times like this past month when quite a few people passed on. I send the family’s my condolences and my heartfelt sorrow for their loss. Recently a married couple contacted me and wanted information about reserving a spot where they can be by each other and his mother. They told me that after all the deaths recently it came to their attention to have things in order when that day will inevitably come.

I think it’s a wonderful idea, to pick out a spot but most people are kind of spooked by that idea. I’m not; in fact it makes sense to me so I’m gonna write up a “will” if you will and write my own obituary. That said, here I go.

The announcement will be “Kristine E. Shotley AKA Ricey Wild is Dead.” That’s it! Well that’s my first idea but if I must go into further detail I will. Ahem!!!


Nick-izms: Rez Born, Urban Raised
Saturday, November 01 2014
Written by Nick Metcalf,
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jpeg_pic.jpgIf you are anything like me “Health and Wellness” is something that I aspire to do in all aspects of my life. For me it includes the mind, the body and the spirit. I didn’t grow up understanding what “Health and Welllness” meant. Throughout the years, I’ve been an active learner in this process. Ultimately, what I learned is that I need to be patient with me, allow myself to grow from my mistakes, forgive often, trust myself and maintain a spirit of discovery.

Mental Health

Depression, low self-esteem, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, panic attacks are some of the issues that Native people deal with. Some of these issues are biological in nature. That means your body isn’t producing the right combinations of chemicals so you feel out of sorts. There are medications available to help you get your body back in order. Get in touch with a psychologist or a psychiatrist to get the help you need.

I understand there is fear of going to a therapist or “shrink.” I know way too many people who don’t want to be diagnosed cause may mean that they are weak or something is wrong with them, so they avoid getting the help they need. They suffer silently. Sometimes, they use drugs or alcohol to feel better. Unfortunately, substance abuse is temporary and it can make a situation worse. There are many wonderful Native therapists out there, find one and give it a try.


MPR News Briefs
Saturday, November 01 2014
Written by MPR News,
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Game day rally at U to draw crowds protesting NFL, DC team's mascot

By Matt Sepic, MPR News

Native American leaders and University of Minnesota students say they're expecting thousands of people to turn out for a protest against the Washington Redskins when the team plays the Vikings a week from Sunday at TCF Bank Stadium.

Clyde Bellecourt, co-founder of the American Indian Movement, said the DC team's name is racist and offensive. Bellecourt expects a young group of protesters to gather outside the stadium to speak out against the name.

"We know that because we're on a university campus. We're organizing all the students," he said. "We've been doing a lot of radio, television, public relations, so we're expecting over 5,000 people."

The National Coalition Against Racism in Sports and Media is organizing the protest along with campus leaders.

Aubrey Strenger with the Black Law Students Association said the university, through its contract with the Vikings, should prohibit the use of the Washington team's name on campus.

"The University of Minnesota is such an influential educational body and they are in a particular place to affect change," Strenger said.

University of Minnesota officials have asked the Vikings to limit the use of the Washington team's name and logo during the game.

A statement posted on the U's website, said while the university "denounces the team name of the Washington team — and other sports team names that promote negative and harmful stereotypes — the University does not believe that it has the legal authority or contractual authority under the facility use agreement to prevent the game."

Amid the controversy, team owner Dan Snyder said in a recent letter to Washington's season ticket holders that the name is a "badge of honor."


Weekend Calendar: Nov. 1-2
Saturday, November 01 2014
Written by The Circle Staff,
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Nov. 1

11th Annual Gathering for Our Children & Returning Adoptees Powwow

Emcee: Jerry Dearly; Arena Directors: Windy Downwind and Kirk Crow Shoe; Host Drum: Maza Kute; Color Guard: Sisseton Wahpeton Dakota Kit Fox Society.

Grand Entry, 1 p.m.; Wablenica Ceremony: The Wablenica Olowan (Orphan Song) will be sung for those returning adoptees and fostered individuals and their families. A ceremony will be offered to heal the grief caused by separation from family and heritage. Feast, 5 p.m.; Kwatsan (Quechan) Bird Singer, 6-7 p.m.; Grand Entry, 7 p.m., a special honor song and recognition for our young relatives who have experience foster care.

This pow wow is a celebration our community’s strengths. As we continue to gather and acknowledge the strengths of our families, we heal from the intergenerational trauma within our extended family systems. As our families and communities heal we are better able to adopt and foster our Native children. Sponsored by: First Nations Repatriation Institute; Division of Indian Work; Indigenous Women’s Life Net; Hennepin County; Bois Forte Urban Office; Department of Human Services

Event is free and open to the public. Minneapolis American Indian Center, 1530 E. Franklin Ave., Minneapolis, MN. For vendor information, call Tina Knafla at 612-348-9662. For general information, contact Sandra White Hawk, at 651-442-4872 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it or Jacque Wilson at 612-871-6618 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .


Nov. 2

No Honor in Racism Rally

Join us as we protect our children and future generations from the racist imagery and mascot of the Washington football team. Please invite all friends and family. We hope to see you there.

Gathering at the 10 a.m., Tribal Nations Plaza at TCF Stadium, 420 SE 23rd St., Minneapolis, MN. For more information, call the National Coalition Against Racism in Sports and Media at the American Indian Movement Interpretive Center at 612-886-2107 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Nov. 2

#NotYourMascot Rally

Join grassroots efforts to march against the use of the culturally offensive Washington mascot and to end the use of a racial slur by the Washington team. The Minnesota Vikings and The Washington team will be playing at the U of M at noon. Supported by: Protect Our Manoomin; Idle No More Twin-Cities, Minnesota; AIM of Twin Cities & AIM Patrol of Minneapolis; “United Urban Warrior Society”; Twin Cities Save the Kids; IdleNoMore Wisconsin; OccupyMN; March Against Corruption; Institute for Critical Animal Studies, North America; Minnesota Two Spirit Society; #NotYourMascot

8:30 a.m., 1845 E. Franklin Ave., Minneapolis, MN. For more information, visit

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