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It Ain't Easy Being Indian
Monday, October 07 2013
Written by Ricey Wild,
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Last month I ended my column talking about the removal of my ancestors’ – and many others of my tribal nation – remains from a cemetery dating to the 17th century, to a burial ground in a Catholic cemetery. What is so awful about that you ask? Well, I’m gonna tell you.

A village once thrived on Wisconsin Point inhabited by Indians. It was and still is a remarkably beautiful and peaceful place; it had everything. Plenty of manoomin (wild rice), and all sorts of delicious and nutritious animals, vegetables and berries were in abundance. To me it sounds like what is now called an eco-friendly, sustainable resort town. However, it was home for many generations of families who buried their loved ones in a sacred cemetery.

Then in 1908 the United States government began proceedings to condemn a portion of Wisconsin Point for “development” (I despise that word) by U.S. Steel. The objective was to construct docks for railroads to make easier the cargoes of minerals from northeast Minnesota mines.

Political Matters: Defends/Stands Up for People
Monday, October 07 2013
Written by Mordecai Spektor,
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Defends/Stands Up for People

In my June column for The Circle, I wrote about Ken Tilsen, the dean of civil rights lawyers in Minnesota and a committed advocate for American Indians, who was in very poor health. Ken rallied during the summer, but then went to the Spirit World on Sept. 1.

At his funeral, Sept. 4, at Temple of Aaron Cemetery in Roseville, a large group of family members and friends gathered for songs, prayers and eulogies.

The ceremony was a mix of Jewish and Lakota rituals. Ken was from a Jewish family and, as things worked out, he had grandchildren from the rez.

Fond du Lac Follies
Monday, October 07 2013
Written by Jim Northrup,
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Fond du Lac Follies motored to Perch Lake to harvest manoomin. My wife Patricia and I were going to manoominike together as we had been doing for the last several decades.

What a grand sight greeted us. Perch Lake was full of manoomin. I did not see any open water anywhere, the green was everywhere. I also didn’t see any lily pads or moose ears. Those two plants compete with the manoomin for the lake nutrients. Thanks to Charlie Nahganub and the other manoomin tenders. The amount of rice on the lake was the most I have seen in many years.

We offered tobacco in gratitude.


From the Editor's Desk: The meaning of Native Pride
Monday, October 07 2013
Written by Alfred Walking Bull,
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The meaning of Native Pride

By Alfred Walking Bull

With the close of the powwow season, sightings of the embroidered fashion bearing “Native Pride” will be few and far between until next season. It gives one pause to contemplate those two words and delve into their meaning, beyond that of a fairly profitable model for Native clothiers and entrepreneurs around the country.

Growing up and having worked for my home tribe in South Dakota, the concept of Native pride has always been more abstract. For those who wear the gear, it’s indicative of a shared culture, history and legacy of our ancestors; whether that’s honoring the battles and wars they fought or the current culture that developed from those roots. However, with poverty, unemployment, alcoholism, health, domestic and sexual violence statistics being what they are, it’s difficult to find deep meaning in what it is to be proud of being Native.

What's New In the Community: October 2013
Monday, October 07 2013
Written by The Circle Staff,
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Denman-Wilke Named DIW Director

kathy denman-wilke-diw-director.jpg.jpg ST. PAUL, Minn. – Kathy Denman-Wilke, joined the Saint Paul Area Council of Churches, as the Department of Indian Work Director, on Thursday, Sept. 5.

Council Executive Director, Patricia Lull said she is delighted, noting “In recent years Kathy has worked with us as part of a collaborative effort to address diabetes. It is exciting to welcome her now to our staff.”

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