It Ain't Easy Being Indian
Springtime in Rezberry
Thursday, June 01 2017
Written by Ricey Wild,
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I finally got to open the windows up in my cat-haired, dusty old house. Wood ticks have also returned and I found one on my dog Mitzi, and two were on me but I caught them before they latched on. Ick. With the pleasure of nice weather comes the danger because ticks can kill. Itís a warning for all you nature lovers, so layer up when you go in the woods or long grass. Just a PSA because I care!

There is a movie named ďThe HappeningĒ with Matt Damon that is listed as an Ďeco-thrillerí and of course, I couldnít pass that up even though I dislike Damon. The movie was about how a neuro-toxin that was released by plant life caused mass suicides. The more concentrated the human population the worse it was but exposure to it got you killed anyway. It was really brutal and non-discriminatory.

At the end of the movie they had an interview with a scientist who said that it was the planet, our Earth, fighting back against human atrocities (my words). I like that. I also believe thatís what we are currently experiencing with all the unusual, deadly weather around the globe. Our Mother is so done with our using and abusing her, whether we acknowledge our individual carbon footprint or not.

I know there are masses of wonderful people who are working hard to bring to our attention to the fact that our capitalist way of living is unsustainable and will be the end of us. My heart goes out to all of yooz who make it your lifeís work to help for the greater good of all. You are all in the fight of your lives against big oil and an incredibly corrupt government led by an illegally elected president. Here we are: Good vs. Evil and the fate of our species literally are in your hands.

Though I sit here peaceably right now, taking time to pet a cat, I am in this with you. I just have to find the best way to communicate my wrath at the administration and hope for our future. Armchair activism perhaps? Iíll give it all I got. Truth is, itís all I haveÖa voice. Good thing for us that we all have one.

Geez. Then there are colonial oppression pieces that were called Ďartí at the Walker Sculpture Garden in Minneapolis. ďSaffoldĒ is a replica of the gallows used to murder the Dakota 38+2; the largest mass hanging in American history. Guess who was the architect of that gruesome act? President Lincoln, yes, THAT president who is glorified by the writers of the invadersí history. It fits right in with the hatred by white people against anyone not them; and their rants and raves, and their murdering of People of Color.

My optimistic soul wants to believe that the latest terrorist act was the worst and it wonít happen again, but it always does. Innocent people are being targeted simply for the color of their skin or religious beliefs. But thatís nothing new or surprising for us Indigenous People. That we have survived this long after the invasion is remarkable and it took every iota of courage we have.

Oh man, I am getting soooo worked up about this!!! I am hissing and spitting like a cat that goes all puffy! I snarl at those who think they are better than us because they have more money! Put that in a salad why dontcha! Grrrr. Their money is ill-gotten gains and they will come to realize that when they are in a bunker fighting over the last can of caviar. Some of us who get it will be eating fresh food and living in green housing, happy as can be.

There is a ways to go before we get to that serene place but there is a way. Iím always yelling WAKE UP!!! And I probably wonít stop until there is some semblance of natural order in our daily world. Iím very sure Iíve never lived what is called Ďnormalí and Iím not sure if I would fit. Or if I even want to for that matter. As individuals we are awesome, but gathered together in a common cause we are spectacular!

Happy Birthday to all my Gemini kin! I just had my birthday and it was fun but exhausting, Iím too ole for all that festivity nowadays. I had my time. I really want to go to the beach on Lake Superior,† which is where my ancestors lived until we got stuffed onto a reservation that is 50% swampland. I want to pay my respects and honor the place that has sustained us to this day.

PS: The Walker Art Center is removing the gallows. We have to stay aware and Miigwech to those of you who made this happen.†

Why Some Old Folks Are Cranky
Tuesday, May 09 2017
Written by Ricey Wild,
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Both my arms hurt so badly. It really sucks getting old for me when Iíve already had 11 surgeries and Iím fearful of more. Plus Iím diabetic.

Okay thatís all I will complain about for now. Iím ready for lilacs, dandelions and blooming trees, and I am worried about the wood frogs because up here in Rezberry we have ice, snow on top of that, and here it is the end of April. Sheez. Really?

Whoops. More complaining. My bad. I still havenít put away my heavy winter boots either cuz I just donít know when we will be done with winter and all its hazards. It may be July before I do. Well, I understand now why some old folks are cranky cuz Iím turning into one. Blah.

Then thereís my tooth. I was happily crunching candy I had bought for my Gramma Rose. They were peppermint lozenges that are stale but I needed some sugar NOW, so I opened the bag and munched away until there was a particularly hard one which I ingested only to find out I ate part of my premolar. Lucky for me it didnít hurt and I had a dental appointment two days later.

The dentist told me the tooth was worth saving and proceeded to work on it, but in doing so the entire rest of my tooth came out. Gah!!! Sheís going to cap the molar right next to it and add a fake tooth in the place of the one I ate. I took the rest of my tooth home in a little container and forgot to put it under my pillow. Iíll do so and make a wish that 45 is impeached sooner rather than later and yaíll are welcome for my sacrifice. I have big ole Chippewa Cheeks so my loss isnít evident because itís in my right lower jawÖbut if you make me laugh? Hai!

A sweet lady named Margaret who works for Rezberry Clinic brought me to my appointments and asked me how was I doing? I replied that I sit home 99% of the time and am bored living like this, but in fact, I now prefer it this way. Last year I had my son, then my brother and after that a friend living with me because they were homeless. The only male of all of them, my kitten Lenny Kravitz Shotley, is the only one who did not let me down.

The peace I enjoy now is delightful. Last year tore me up in ways I could never have imagine. But this year, Iím done with drama. Iím older, depressed and physically disabled. I donít need anyone elseís traumatic situations to intrude on my well being. Just saying.

Another point is that we all need to treat each other with caring kindness because you donít know what that person may be going through. There are millions of Facebook posts that say the same thing, but actually following through with compassion is the real. It seems silly but hugs matter. Watch out yaíll!!! Iím gonna be the Hug Monster!

Iím so very grateful to be here in my Kwe cave and for my furry family. I thank the Creator every for the gifts I have, which are many. I have no one

I see on a regular basis except my beloved Gramma Rose who will be 99-years-old this month on the 15th. She is still Ďall thereí but repeats she is getting dingy. LOL! Like we all donít experience what she does Ė like walking into a room and wondering what she went in there for! Rose asked me to tell ďGrammaís TalesĒ so here is one. I was about 1-year-old and my cousin LuAnn was 6 months after me. She was playing with one of my toys that I didnít care about except it was MINE! I hit a rocking chair in my possessive rage and it came back and knocked me down.

That memory always makes Rose laugh, and I do too because itís KARMA and I now recognize it as such; I never set out to do wrong, ever. However, I do not put up with otherís drama cuz I have enough of my own despite my avoidance of it.

Wow. I just realized Iíve been imposing my own drama on yaíll. Sorry for that, but sometimes it feels really good to unload.

Blessings to all of you!!!

The Misery of 45
Tuesday, April 04 2017
Written by Ricey Wild,
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Iíve been waiting for 45 to be impeached. Sigh. Been waiting too long Ė like for the warm bus to show up at 4:45 am on a bigly blizzardy morning and save me from certain and complete poverty. No headlights in sight, cigarette is wet, no matches anyway. My diabetic nerve pain is flaring up and my earmuffs canít drown out the horror of the current US administrationís war upon The People.

This misery, and by that I mean 45, and its cabinet has it in for we American People. So many great citizens over the years made it their business to speak up for the downtrodden, theÖyou get it. Us. I praise the collective activists who now gather and take up the cause for everyone. Us. Except for my Cat Purrince the sneaky little fur ball who is trying to prevent me writing this column. Heís been napping on the sofa until this moment and here I thought he was with us. (He just jumped on the keyboard in an attempt to delete my previous words) I donít know whose payroll heís on but Iíll get to the bottom of it. Purrince IS gray and white.

I have been super-glued to Ďnewsí stations which I have now separated from news, semi-fake news, alleged news, super news, and super fake alleged newsÖyou see my dilemma. Some guy I friended on Facebook posted an absurd piece by an author plugging his book, saying 45 is a victim. IKR????

I almost peed mah knickers laughing. Then I looked at it again and the author did have a point. Stay with me here. The craven deplorables who surround poor ole 45 are the real ones in charge. Theyíre all like, ďLeave this to us (not so gently pushing 45 out the White House) you just go golf and it will all be all right! Gwan Ďden!Ē

Thatís all the wasted time I have for those white devils.

Here at home, in my HUD house Iím waiting for the frogs to begin singing. I live in a semi-swamp which is btw-the land left over to we Rezberrianís after the white people took the best. Gawd, I just depressed myself until I recalled our swamp is now re-named ďwetlandsĒ which makes it sound better, to white people. And now they want that, too.

I go back and forth in history in my lone life so Iím never really bored. I ask ďWhy?Ē and seek the answers. Heh. A white woman asked me, ďWell, donít you like electricity (as if she invented it)?Ē and I had to laugh saying ďWell yeah!Ē Her point was the benefits of colonization, and mine was that we did just fine without it. At the time, I didnít feel like spouting my own belief about Ďcivilizationí in European terms. That we Natives had been there, done that, and found it unsustainable. We simply preferred camping.

I am sick whenever anyone, no matter how much I like them, spouts such an entitled, racist ignorant view. Iím very tired of fighting too. I gotta leave that to you young ones who are not so battle weary and cynical as I am.

I will never quit writing because thatís who I am. I am very appreciative of those who are taking up the banners to fight for whatís right. The truly sad ones are those who will work for our common enemy and donít care. No judgment here, just saying.

Tupac Shakur Shotley, the cat, is by my side just purring up some serious songs. I want to be more like him and just groove but get in some sweet lyrics too. His might be like, ďdonít try ta save meh, Iíve been a shelter cat bay-behĒ or something like that. Hehehe. I got a new gig writing lyrics for my five cats and one dog, Mitzi.

(Someone named Amanda or Daniel or Rachel or Lorri PLEASE HEEEELLLPPP MEEEEE!!!). Iím dreaming of lilacs, margaritas and scones. I have to break out of the Rezberry tractor beams.

Now Iím hearing purring in stereo, Tupac and XiXi, the two elder shelter cats I have given a forever home to. Both had their paws mangled but they love anyway just the same. I encourage yooz to get a cat or dog from a shelter, they will love you unconditionally for it.

Hey. Can someone adopt me, too? Iím so sad from being alone. But no jerks, users, thieves, stinky people, blamers orÖnever mind. I yam what I yam. I can be alone and happy. Last year certainly proved that to me in spades, yo. Never once have my Fur-amily back-stabbed me! Well, I do have to keep a sharp eye on Purrince.


Tuesday, March 14 2017
Written by Ricey Wild,
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The Oceti Sakowin camp has been cleared by heavily militarized police, but what happened there this past year is forever. WE THE PEOPLE showed up in the thousands to protect our water and support the Standing Rock Sioux Nation in their fight against big oil. I am so very proud and grateful to all whom contributed in any way to resist the hateful and greedy monsters behind the pipeline Ė including #45, who received $100,000 in campaign donations from the DAPL conglomerate.

I envied those who were able to go there and represent. But I believe everyone who felt strongly about the cause has directly impacted it as well Ė including those who prayed and helped keep the story relevant. Bless all of you for standing up for what really matters for our future generations.

Living in Rezberry I have well water and I didnít like it at first because it smelled funny. I was used to city water, which is treated with who knows whatÖyet now I am very conscious of every precious drop that comes out of the faucets and I am thankful for it. However, I am keenly aware of the fact there are many pipelines that run underneath this land and I get all anxious and mad. Not for my ole carcass but for all humanity in this insane world we live in now.

Keep in mind that the dirty, tar sands oil will not benefit Americans at all for cheaper gas prices. It will come from Canada through multiple states and then be sold to China, which has mass pollution. Will we be the next to have to wear surgical masks outside? Oklahoma is now the earthquake epicenter because of fracking, which has clearly been identified as the cause. The good news is that more people are waking to the ugly truth; that we are being sacrificed so the 2% can continue their luxurious lives.

Just last month NASA identified planets similar to Earth in orbit around a star outside our galaxy that may support life. SooooÖ.my question is Ďdo the 2% know something we donít about lifting off to another Earth-like terrainí? I remember a movie like that. Hey, Iím all good with getting rid of those evil viruses but we cannot let them leave us with the mess they left Our Mother in. Oh no! They have a lot to answer for and I volunteer to crack the whip on those over-privileged, whiny babies on clean-up duties. (Not a slur on babies).

Iíve been severely depressed for way too long and the situation we Americans are experiencing now due to Pootiní and his puppet #45 threw me down in a way I wasnít prepared for. I am, however, becoming hopeful with the recent pushback by American citizens who are refusing to put up with this Pootiní Puppet President Ė who has clearly been appointed into office as was W Bush by the SCOTUS. I almost wrote something else. Ahem!

On the home front Iím happy to report I have plenty (as of this writing) of toilet paper, cat litter and mac & cheese. Life is good. I miss my son and granddaughters and I pray I get to see them soon. I made my Gramma Rose some short ribs in the slow cooker; I will see her and I am bringing a pie, too. Iím also gonna go play penny poker with my friends and take their money like last time, then go to the casino and double it ;). My favorite TV channel is VICELAND and I encourage yaíll to watch it if you can. Wake up!

Spirits, our ancestors, are with us in this most critical of times. The elites are counting on us to just lay down, but thatís not happened, nor ever it will.
My dear friend Diane E., whom I only know from facebook (for now), wrote something that resonates with me and I feel better for it in our mutual disgust of U.S. politics; all we have is each other. I take heart from her statement in that WE, the collective WE, have the power.

How else have WE Indigenous Peoples of Turtle Island survived complete genocide thus far? My belief is that we possess a priceless treasure, and those who donít have it envy us. And what is that? Spirituality. That is why they have to kill us. I miss you John Trudell.

Just an FYI? WE donít hate, WE relate. Every human breathing air right now has suffered abuse in their life no matter our skin color or Ďclassí. It is what it is but that does not mean the cycle of abuse, hate and every vile, horrific act has to continue. Keep in your hearts that WE have each other.
(Insert Bob Marley song here.)

I love yooz.††

February It Ain't Easy
Wednesday, February 08 2017
Written by Ricey Wild,
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Today I got up, showered put on a face and got dressed. I got out of my house for a quick minute with my friends and that helped so much. Depression really, really sucks. I wanted to write something funny because it makes me happy to laugh and share. Iím trying; I really am because I miss that part of my life. Hang in there with me okay? I need yooz.

Even though I know like-minded people who are as disgusted with the new regime installed by Putin, I still feel so alone and need to vent. I plan to go outside and yell at the horrors that we will suffer under Trump and his band of villains, who will rape our country. They have literally made me sick but I know I canít continue this way, so Iím seeking the help I need.

Iím sure Iím not alone in feeling this way so I strongly encourage you to ask for help, itís out there. You are needed. I love you.
Up North here itís frozen and when I tried to go get my mail I kept sinking into the snow and almost got stuck, so I called off my big expedition halfway there. I feel all pitiful! I didnít want to fall on my icy driveway because Iíve already had two spinal fusion and I have metal in my right arm.† I donít want another surgery, not for even a pinkie fracture. Mexico and a cozy little hut near a white sand beach are seriously calling me.

Since Iím still here I Ďspose I could contribute to the Resistance. I am an armchair activist for† reasons due to my health, but I know I have to do something! I canít and wonít just observe our Turtle Island be destroyed by Trump and cronies. The entire world is laughing at us and I agree with their views. Our beloved country is being ridiculed.

The thing is I am being blocked from certain websites and live feeds that have to do with activism and the Resistance. It has never happened before and Iím anxious that I donít have access to my news. I am far from being a hacktivist and my laptop can do way more than I care to know about, but itís my main source for current news. So this is a thing: an evil thing because the new government is suppressing us.

I donít remember calling on anyone to incite violence or any form of harming others. I have written about protest and the Standing Rock Protectors and I believe Iím being targeted because of my column.

You may scoff, but I know what Iíve experienced and I donít need your validation. We the People are already being stifled, suppressed and spied upon. Welcome to 1984. Steve Bannon & Co. is already discrediting the media. A madman now has the nuclear codes. He advocates torture and is profiling immigrants. I am sad we Indians didnít do that from the get go. We should be the wealthiest people in the USA, but we donít value paper over responsibility and integrity for our Mother Earth and our culture.

Under this fascist regime we only have each other. Iíve been caching commod beans and rice. Did yooz know I was in a hurricane? *wink* yeah Hurricane Wilma Yucatan Peninsula 2005. I was in a hurricane shelter with 1100 other people for five days and there was limited everything. It was an interesting social experience, like survival of the fittestÖnot a Ďrealityí show at all. It got hot in there and not just because of the heat and humidity. Everyone got all territorial in the swelter shelter, lemme tell ya.

Imagine being all sweat with no way to communicate and next to complete strangers whom are just as terrified as you are. Thatís what we are in for. Iím sorry to be a voice of gloom and doom but what freedoms we have are now being eliminated.

So, my advice to myelf and you is just enjoy and give thanks for what we have now.

Then we get up and shower, put a face on or braid your hair and dress for the Resistance. Weíre all responsible for this travesty of a president so letís fix this. We canít go back to the horrific past and whatever I can do I will.

I still have hope for all of us when we stick together. Geez, I sound like a sports coach, ay? Well, I said I will do whatever I can so if youíre inspired good for me! Ay! Iíve been calling my representative, so please do that. You can start there. There are multiple ways to resist this insanity.

Happy Heart Day Yaíll!!!

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