It Ain't Easy Being Indian
Trump, Pocahontas, and Pipelines
Wednesday, December 06 2017
Written by Ricey Wild,
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So #45 “honored” Navajo Code Talkers in front the genocidal president Andrew Jackson portrait and referred to Senator Elizabeth Warren as ‘Pocahontas’. Senator Warren claims ancestral Cherokee heritage but hey, who doesn’t? The Cherokee Nation is very popular with the Wannabee Tribe, and if the numbers are correct, they were very prolific. I’ll just leave it at they are fantastic Snaggers.

But the whole thing left me with a nasty, aggravating feeling that I can’t shake. 45 is a shameful creature who has no compassion or respect. Yes, I know I’m repeating myself and many other millions of Americans who are now under his rule. He disrespected those fine, honorable men who were directly instrumental to ending WWII and in subsequent wars. I shook with anger and repulsion at 45’s SAD attempt to attack Sen. Warren, and by doing so insulted all Indigenous People as throw-aways – which is what happened to the real Pocahontas.

She was a child who was raped and kidnapped by European monsters and died at 21 years of age. How is that tragic history any part of a weak-ass joke by the most powerful man in the world? Ish. Ick. Vile and disgusting is he. I am glad the cable news picked up on this, if only to add it to his long list of ugly, ignorant and hateful speeches. Actually, I want to cry for her, the real Pocahontas. What evil she endured in her short lifetime.

Yet, there is hope and resilience in her Indigenous descendants. I have spoken to one such woman who is maintaining a sacred fire on the Fond du Lac Reservation in Minnesota, USA. The Maa’iingan (Wolf) Camp is near Elborn, Minn., since May 2017 and “Welcomes everyone who wants or needs to be there, to rest, relax, continue a journey and go on,” says Sherry Couture who is the FireKeeper. Sherry was a US Marine and said, “I was an Indian before I was a Marine” and that “This is enough…we sat long enough…100 years from now, someone thought of us!”

Sherry goes on to say, “This is not a small fire!” She went on to say that who are they really? Who are Eco-Terrorists? The ones protecting the land or destroying it? People! There are so many alternatives to fossil fuels like solar vs. electricity, solar chargers and wind power. Pipelines leak, it’s only a matter of time. Yooz wanna drink that water or let your kids drink it? Think. Clean water is a necessity for life, there is nothing that can replace it.

There is another camp on the Fond du Lac Reservation named Makwa (Bear), which is directly opposing the Line 3 pipeline in Superior, Wisc. I give them props too and am thankful for their resistance to further incursions on our lands. They are trying to stop another oil spill which will poison our manoomin (wild rice) lakes, which we depend on for life and which feeds our spirits, too. Think of Asian people without white rice. Really. Manoomin is that critical to our existence. Or is this just another form of genocide?

It is very like the bison kill-off by the U.S. of America to rid themselves of the “Indian Problem”. I will quote Sherry Couture again, “This is all I know, I have to protect it”.

Chii miigwech Mz Couture, I deeply admire what you are doing and want to do more. Sherry also said that humor is key; people who know humor is key. Hey! When I’m not clutching my pearls in angst I laugh too!!! One simply must laugh at times in the midst of all this current horror or we would go truly mad. But then we would fit in with 45 voters…NAH!!!

I know I have mentioned before that I am a CAT LADY. Yeah. Purrince got out last week and wanted to beat up the sad little feral cat that I feed. I stupidly dashed outside after him wearing only ballet slippers, bra and harem pants, only to slip and fall. If it weren’t for my friend Lorri I woulda perished out back of my rez house.

Now I’m gimping around my house but happy to be in it because I have FRIENDS WHO CARE!!! So, whatever their reasons or intentions (a birthday party) they came and spruced up, cleaned and decorated my sad little house and made it back into a HOME. I have felt so isolated here – especially not having a car anymore – that I am feeling way older then my age. Bless you ole broads, you have caused much happiness for me. I’m not used to that.

I have so much gratitude for the anonymous gifter; you know who you are. It came at the exact time I needed it most. Bless you!

November Meanderings
Tuesday, November 07 2017
Written by Ricey Wild,
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At this writing I woke to a Winter Wonderland. Yeah, the meteorologists did predict snow coming but somehow, even after a lifetime spent in Da Nort’land, it’s still a big deal. Just seven days ago I was sitting outside in shorts with my dear friend Lorri and our two little pooches Caesar and Mitzi, gamboling about on a leaf-littered green lawn and enjoying the day. We laughed, talked and had to hide from a nosey neighbor and all was perfect. Sigh.

I knew it was the very last day we would get to enjoy this type of weather this year, and that made it especially bittersweet. We got what is called “Indian Summer” – which is shortened like everything else the colonizers left us. Why is that? Can’t they share regular summer? Geez. They just greedily took it all and left us on lands not wanted in the treaty days, but that is changing. Watch out.

The snow is still falling and sooooo pretty, but it also took out my satellite. I don’t know what to do. ;) I do like the first snowfall, mainly because I don’t have to shovel. But I like the last snow better cuz that means spring is coming. Until then my friends bundle up and burrow in.

Rezberry hosts annual dinners for the ‘Elders’ and I now happen to qualify. Yay! I made it this far! The Tribe made the best venison I’ve ever eaten, with delicious sides. And the Fond du Lac Rez Historical Society put on a slide show of older photographs for the attendees. It was a lot of fun seeing people because I don’t get out and about often, so there was that and $25 bucks too! I told a former co-worker that I dyed my hair so I wouldn’t look old at the Elders dinner. lol! I’m still vain but I’m not the only one, there was plenty of “Indian Black” hair colors there too, including men.

Someone (miigwech) plowed the driveway so I can get used to the trudge-walk I adopt for weather. I can now go get my mail, hoping that some thieving little Rez rats dodn’t get to it before I do. Might be a check in there, I always have hope.

I was at a local pub waiting for a friend to show up when I overheard an irate white man saying he would rather burn up his cabin than let the Indians have it. He is, or was, on the town school board and is well known to people. He appeared to have a very comfortable existence, considering his bulk and being able to speak his mind without any censure – except from another white man who said if he did burn a cabin, it would be considered arson. But even that didn’t shut him up.

He was yelling about the Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe in Minnesota, who did not renew the leases for non-band members on the lake. The Tribe needs the land for their own members for whom housing is scarce –  so they can have homes…on their own lands. I say here that against my own nature I did not engage him because I wanted to hear everything he had to say about white people getting kicked off land.

Irony much? I had to hold in a crow of laughter and not smile with glee. Keep talking big colonial man, there isn’t anything you can do about it. Which brings me to the entitled ones; those of white privilege with their pallid, pink skins. I am very obviously Indian even though I don’t wear regalia every day to prove it. He definitely saw me listening to him but he still felt comfortable enough to expound his racist views without anyone, including me, to disagree with him. I already stated why I held off.

What I’m saying is that racism is something every person who is not white has experienced every day in their lives. For the record, it really sucks and I hate it. It’s nonsensical to an aware, informed, well-read HUMAN BEING that there is anything such as ‘race’ at all. Like organized religion, racial differences are a construct created by white colonists all over the globe – for the stealing and control of the natural resources.

Those who have control over the natural resources are destroying our Mother Earth. They must be planning to move to the Moon and leave us to clean up their ugly, poisonous mess. Good riddance. See how them Aliens greet those greedy, hateful, disgusting facsimiles of earth creatures –  aka the 1%.

For the dear readers who wrote me, I’m a terrible correspondent and I apologize. My broken right arm impedes me too – not an excuse. I’ll do better.

Much love!!!


Friday, October 06 2017
Written by Ricey Wild,
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My big black ‘kitten’ The RZA (who is only four years old) was walking in front of me in the hallway with his tail up high. He clearly wanted something, like treats, and I said to him, “You have all that food, clean water and a soft bed!” I stopped in my tracks and felt terrible for the millions of Americans in Puerto Rico who don’t have that security.

Ahem! Excuse me while I take my anxiety meds. I’ve been in plenty of blizzards, floods and tornadoes but the magnitude of what Hurricane Maria inflicted on Puerto Rico is beyond devastating, to say the least. What worries me most is that another such anomaly weather-wise will hit them again just as they begin to recover from Irma and Maria due to climate change (IMHO). I wonder if these types of catastrophes are just the harbingers of what’s to come.

I cry for my fellow sentient beings. I do not, as a practice, say to myself, “Self, at least you’re not homeless, starving ‘insert any 3rd world country and I include US Indian reservations here’ or disease ridden with no access to health care.” Yeah. I get to be warm and dry. I can call people and let them know I’m all right and sleep comfortably even with my physical pain. So I don’t really have anything to complain about except how my Taino descended relatives are being treated by the US Government – which is headed by the most disgusting White Supremacist ever. And there have been too many.

Just in case you missed any of my dozens of column references about how I was in Hurricane Wilma in Mexico on the Riviera Maya ;) in 2005, here you go again. Yikes. I just now had to grow gills again, remembering the humidity. Well, before we were shuttled to a hurricane shelter on the resort grounds, I put in a call to my only child to basically say goodbye, because I didn’t have any clue how things were going to go. Just wondering if I would ever see him and my family again was torturous.

That is where all of our fellow Puerto Rican American citizens are right now –  in that grey cloud of uncertainty of not knowing if their loved ones know they are all right. I saw a piece on the Governor of Puerto Rico saying that 45 has been in touch with him and offered support. I can’t say that I believe 45 because Puerto Rico is mostly brown people, and sadly Thee Olde Dotard is not a fan of naturally tanned people. Prove me wrong and I will hand write a letter to you stating this.

Then, into my little nest of comfort, North Korea and Venezuela are dusting off their war kits in anticipation of US aggression. REALLY, really??? Can we just please all go back to hunting, gathering, gardening and bartering? This capitalistic society is simply not working for all of humanity and in my honest opinion it is killing us. Even if we laid off the nuclear bombs and nuclear plants, where would we put them? I think of that character from the TV series “Lost” who kept pushing the keyboard to prevent being obliterated. So, where do we go from here?

Indigenous Peoples worldwide had it all under control until colonists from tiny islands and fiefdoms in Europe thought they had a better plan. Divide and conquer – which they did with efficient vicious genocidal tactics.

Which brings me to this: I watched a facebook interview of a survivor of Nazi torture actually forgive her tormentor Mengele. Truth be told I’m not there. I’m not at that point nor do I think I ever will be, considering the centuries of hate, genocide, torture and lies the colonists have inflicted on us Indigenous Peoples. And that is still going on right now. And for what? To benefit the filthy millionaires who support sucking every sacred mineral and resource from our Mother Earth. Wow! And the Christians believe in an afterlife? Good luck in Hell (not).

Peace be upon you my Kin. In the direct tunnel of hateful flames we will still carry on by dancing, singing, praying and doing what we have always done – depending on each other for help when we need it. I really need it now more than ever, medically.

I have taken so many people into my home when they had none. They all let me down bigly. Yet I am still empathetic to those who need help right now. When will I ever learn? HAHAHAHAHHAHAAAHAAH!

Still, I am gonna donate a big $10 bucks for Puerto Rico. I do what I can.

BTW, I’m going as an Indian for Halloween, buckskin-n-all!



So…does anyone care what I think?
Thursday, September 14 2017
Written by Ricey Wild,
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So…does anyone care what I think? I said this on a Saturday night when my two cats and my dog, The Mitz, were staring at me askance. It wasa as if I had called a fur-amily meeting and then forgot about it. Since moving to Rezberry my life expectancy has accelerated by 40 years. Not in wisdom, sad to say, but in bitter experience.

My therapist from 16 years ago said not everyone is suited for small town life. That would be me. Yet, I’ve endured for one reason only; my Gramma Rose. She is the sole reason I had a wonderful childhood and she still takes care of me, she told me she always will even unto the afterlife. She is 99.

So much astonishingly horrible events have happened recently that I’m overwhelmed by the criminal, projectile-puking antics of 45 – I can’t even. Really though, I’m at a loss for words and how to go on. And I read the Scrabble Dictionary! I feel like I got the wind knocked out of me when I begin to try and process the infamy and treason that has been de facto tolerated because 45 is a republican, per se (BH). Per se means you have no credentials to practice law in a state where you didn’t pass the LSAT. But I digress.

Mueller best get on with his Grand Jury and a random lynch mob to dispose of 45 by any means necessary. 45 is a sick, twisted beast who must end his days in the Gotham Insanity Receptacle. Or white man’s hell – that works, too. I hope he ends up scrubbing menstrual undergarments. Is it just me?

It’s just like my Unk Gene used to say: you don’t have to be a fool to know one.

“It’s like a jungle sometimes I wonder how I keep from going under”, “don’t push me cuz I’m close to the edge I’m tryin’ not to lose my head,” GrandMaster Flash & The Furious Five. Yeah right, I am Old School and proud to be so. IMHO these verses were the original resistance lyrics.

The current hyper-hate we are experiencing now against we non-white people is nothing new. But now we have history on how to counter it and decades of resistance that we learned in the courts and streets. We have won many times using the laws they used to oppress us. In other words, we are gonna Jam On It! Wiki wiki wiki….

In other news, may I quote the Goddess Maya Angelou? She said when someone shows you who they are, believe them. I feel so nauseous and anxious anytime I see/read about 45 and his heinous acts that I wanna hurl chunks. I know there are legions of others who feel like I do about him and his illegitimate presidency. But I want to know – as in conspiracy theory – how this came to be? I’m for real.

I’ve come to realize that someone who set themselves up to be the epitome of morality was, in fact, a pedophile. And that situation has traumatized me to no end. So, I wonder why 45 has gotten away with so much vile, evil acts against Earth and people and no one has yet cut off his little fingers? I’m not calling for his imminent demise, no, I would rather write to him while he’s living out his last days in a gulag. One can wish; ennit?

“So Glad You Ain’t Here” Love, Turtle Island.

For the record Ima gonna sit tight until I have to push my walker into Nazi traffic. Check history and read where Hitler read about how the United States of America created the genocide of the Original People of Turtle Island. The genocide of Indigenous Peoples of the ‘Americas’ by European colonists is the most devastating in all known history. I’m asking as a friend. You wanna be open and informed? This is a good start.

I want you to know I live with this trauma every day, waking and sleeping and I have no control over it. White people in every interaction, be it seconds, have let me know I’m not accepted nor wanted – like an embarrassing relative who was not invited to the open party. I’m not the only one.

No pity party here folks, just stating the truth as I know it to be.

With that, I want the white people who stood up for humanity know that I saw you. I SAW YOU. It feels really good. I and a lot of non-whites appreciate your stance against hate and racism. I also see that women are at the forefront of causes against hate and the victims of it.

I love you my Sisters and I won’t ever forget your sacrifice bringing attention to hateful actions that you died for, even though that need never have happened.


August It Ain't Easy Being Indian
Tuesday, August 08 2017
Written by Ricey Wild,
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There is some Milkweed in my front window in the yard and since the biggest ones have bloomed it’s been a daily show of gloriousness! Butterflies, bees, ants and hummingbirds have been visiting every day and I get to witness their beauty. They have given me hope when I was sure everything was going to H-E-double hockey sticks. I admit I get so depressed reading the news online and that I just can’t stop…yet. My herd of cats are also fascinated with the activity outside, and they scare the hummingbirds and the other critters off even though they are separated by a screen.

That’s when I call them the fuzzy little monsters they are. For the record all my cats are indoor critters because they had been bringing me presents like dragonflies, grasshoppers, etc. But when The RZA got a bird, that was it. Nope! No more outside for them. It’s better for all of us.

I share this visual with you because when I lived in Minneapolis, my living room window looked into an alley that had a steady parade of drunks on their trek to and from the liquor store. It wasn’t pretty, at all. I still loved living there but I didn’t know about the gorgeous wildlife and critters who are my neighbors now. When I first moved here out to Rezberry I was actually astounded to find out there are cows and horses that live down the road. Not sure what I expected but it was new to me.

As a matter of fact, when I was 3-or 4-years-old I got horses and cows mixed up and cried when I was corrected. “No! Them is horsies!” Suffice it to say fifty years later I now understand the difference. I blame my Unk’s for messing with a little girl’s mind. LOL!

Ah oh, the big city! How I miss you. I always felt like I was part of something and there was always somewhere to go and things to do. Up here I am left out as being a weird cat lady who writes stuff. So in defense, I insulate myself even more from the bizarre antics I see people up here doing – like camping and hunting and eating bleached fish. Yaaaahhhhh!!! For realz!

Oh geez. I’ve been writing about this topic on repeat and I’m sorry for that. Truth is, I would never have had my Mitzi who saved me on the worst day of my life. She’s nine years old now and is about the same age as me now, so we can age grumpily together while enjoying clean air. Take that Mpls!!!! SNIFFFFFF!!! AHHHHHH!!! Milkweed, yum!

A strange thing happened some years ago when an Elder, who is no longer here, told me on our bus ride home from work that there are “Old Ones” buried in my back yard. I KNOW!!! I was slightly creeped out by her statement, but there are things that have happened in my home and outside that startled me, but make sense now. Sure enough, there are several areas behind my home that could be graves and I know that because my former job was to help families find appropriate burial sites and I spent a lot of time in cemeteries. I know what they look and feel like.

So I have put out asema (tobacco) and other offerings for them and I get the impression that they keep me here for reasons yet unknown. Like a spiritual tractor beam, for real. What that reason is I don’t know but I do know I’m not going anywhere else permanently until I leave this physical body for good.

I’m not afraid or threatened by what comes after at all. I will, however, haunt anyone who threatens or hurts my furry family.

I watch VICELAND channel and just now a Vice Essentials piece came on, in which South Koreans seek and pay for a near-death experience! Of course, I had to watch it. If you’re interested the title is “A Good Day to Die” (I know!) It is designed to help people appreciate life. Wow.

Coincidence? I think not. I had a life, one I loved and now I have a quite different life and I’m finally ready to embrace it. I think. ;) However, I will never,  ever, ever eat lutefisk – no matter the incentive. I have standards, yanno. Sadly, our fish are already deeply contaminated.

Oh, there I go again. We live in a strange world. I can and will be writing about it from my perspective as long as I can. No, my beloved Carol J. I’m not planning on leaving just yet. I’m just waiting for that big bus from the sky to try and get me. I still got moves!

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