It Ain't Easy Being Indian
It Ain't Easy Being Indian
Thursday, September 05 2013
Written by Ricey Wild,
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For this story I have only to look at my legs to describe what I did this summer. My lower left leg is still swollen and bruised from my birthday celebration back in May. I wear these big, heavy black platform leather boots mostly because I always wanted to be taller than I am. I topped out at 5í6Ē and have since been fixated on high heels. Is it perhaps an inferiority complex? Nah. Appearing taller evened out my figure. Call it vanity if you must. ;D

While at the casino/hotel me and my partner in crime and hilarity, Melissa, charmed up two men to go get our traditional White Castle dinner, which is pretty much the entire menu. Later in the room a guy pulled out fine tequila and we all did shots in honor of me. Ay! Then I sat on an ashtray, jumped up, lost what was left of my balance and kicked the other guy inÖwell, let me just say that I hope he is able to have children. What? I didnít mean to, nor was I harboring any hostility toward men folk at all! I think. Well I got paid back for that unintentional kick; my inner calf was horribly bruised and my foot is still swollen but I figure I got off lucky. I didnít break any bones! (Sigh of relief!)
It Ain't Easy Being Indian
Friday, August 02 2013
Written by By Ricey Wild,
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For the past few weeks I had been enjoying a little rest from the usual absurd life I live. I have all I need of food, more than enough clothes, a happy job, lively home and gas in the van to get around. I listen to my friendsí woes and I sympathize; secretly Iím glad itís not me going through their troubles. Because Iíve had plenty of my own, thank you very much! In fact I was becoming very close to saying IímÖbÖb..!

It Ain't Easy Being Indian
Wednesday, July 31 2013
Written by By Ricey Wild,
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People move on, thatís what they do; itís the nature of life. There are some people who couldnít move out of my life fast enough and there are others like Cat Whipple whom I will miss dearly.

We first met in Minneapolis when I worked for Native American Journalists Association (NAJA). I have deep respect for her skills then as now and Cat is certainly not afraid of hard work, just refer to her tenure as Editor of The Circle newspaper these past 13 years. The readership should know that Mz Whipple is an amazing artist too; Iím saving up to buy one of her cat pieces which I will display at feline-eye level for my furball family to admire.

It Ain't East Being Indian
Wednesday, July 24 2013
Written by By Ricey Wild,
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The title for my column is a tribute to my late Unk Gene who would stand taller, puff his chest out and declare, ďIt ainít easy being Indian, but someoneís gotta do itĒ. Then he would beamingly smile to all who were in the room, obviously implying that he was the right Indian for the job. That he was! ;D I miss you Unk!

It ainít easy being indian
Tuesday, June 04 2013
Written by by Ricey Wild,
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†At long last spring is showing up around here. Us Nortí Landers just experienced one of the longest, most miserable, record-shattering winter snowfalls ever. The snow is only now beginning to melt and there are birds chirping, but no dandelions as yet. The weather was so wretched it caused widespread crankiness with an 80% chance of depression causing moody, irritable-people-syndrome. Ennit?

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