It Ain't Easy Being Indian
Saturday, August 13 2011
Written by Ricey Wild,
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First off, I am dedicating this column to all you golden, tawny, beautiful Indian princesses who appreciate a good laugh and a good story. Thank you for writing. I am also tickled that a lot of Indian men are also enthralled by Moosie's adventures. Several have even quoted from previous columns and like to ask me about him, how he is an irresistible scoundrel and that he is quite the ladies man.
So J-Zac, my friend this is for you and most of all thanks to my son Steve, for reminding me how popular my Moosie stories are. Steve agreed with me that there seems to be a lack, nay; non-existence of Indian Romance novels. And I vote that I be the one to fill that void. Somebody's gotta do it.
Ahem! Now let us return to the steamy reunion…
It ain't easy being indian
Friday, July 08 2011
Written by Ricey Wild,
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After months of miserable weather Rezberry is finally enjoying summer. The Sun gently warms my golden skin and the soft breezes that wind through jack pine stands keep me cool and refreshed by the scent they carry. Wild flowers and pretty weeds delight my eyes, and the smell of freshly cut grass is delicious. Life is good. But wait! What is that new odor? All of a sudden I feel an electric vibration over my entire body. I smell sweet grass combined with deep, rich, loamy earth and Red Stripe.
OMG! Moosie! My love is on his way back home! OMG! He is for sure coming up this time; I can feel it with my supernatural Indian sense! In my mind's eye he is riding a massive Appaloosa stallion; its mane and tail are decorated with feathers, ribbons and beads. Under the sun Moosie's hair has the sheen of a raven's wing and is longer than ever, parted in the middle, of course. He is not wearing a shirt either, but for him that's okay, preferable in fact. I don't know why some Indian guys don't like wearing shirts but they should seriously consider it. No one wants to look at faded old tats on a basketball belly covered in sparse grey hairs.
Now let me continue… Moosie is carrying an intricately beaded staff in his left hand that documents his bravery in battle and his many daring acts of love. Vividly colored pictographs are carved in it so Moosie can keep track of his astonishing volume of progeny and what days the mother's get paid. He is all dressed up for the reunion wearing patent leather, black fringed leggings with a formal black velvet breech cloth. Heavy silver bands studded with priceless turquoise surround his muscular upper arms and a flashy silver belt is slung low on his strong hips. MMMMMOOOOSIEEE in Tha House!
It ain't easy being indian
Friday, June 10 2011
Written by Ricey Wild,
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Last month's BIG NEWS was, of course, the death of Osama Bin Laden, U.S. codename Geronimo. What? Really people? Of course there was a war cry (kidding!) by Indian writers who very rightly questioned why the name of a worthy and famous man who defended his people and homelands was likened to a mass murderer.
Geronimo is implicitly racist and unworthy of any president, never mind an African-American president who has himself been the recipient of inherent racism. It confirms just how far this country has NOT come to an understanding of Native People and our cultures. Obama, your non-action by nixing codename Geronimo is an action affirming America's xenophobic culture. You make me sick.
It ain't easy being indian
Tuesday, May 10 2011
Written by Ricey Wild,
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Despite myself I have been following the wedding preparations for Prince William and the "commoner" Kate Middleton he is taking as his wife. I would have been proud to tell yooz that I ignored and disdained the insane publicity surrounding this event, that it's unimportant in the real world and who do the Windsor's think they are anyway? Royalty? Hah?
Then I remember my trip to London, England, and my not so secret fascination with historical English monarchy. Talk about scandalous! The Kings and Queens from back in the day put today's sleazy reality 'stars' to shame with their immorality, sexual exploits and criminal actions. And not just in the past, like rascally ole Henry VIII; look at Prince Charles, who married his mistress Camilla after both he and she divorced their hubbies. Look at Camilla, but not too long, she's hard on the eyes, he is too for that matter.
It aint easy being indian:
Tuesday, April 12 2011
Written by Circle Staff,
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There is a whole lot going on these days, not so much with me (miraculously for a change I'm all good) but the rest of this planet and its denizens who appear to be riding the nuclear crazy train off the tracks right to hell.
Millions of severely stressed, traumatized people are trying to cope with natural and man-made disasters, global warming effects and yet another war in a Middle Eastern country.  Add to this mix more Muslim nations that wanna kick the old regimes out of power, worldwide radiation; shake-do not stir and whaddaya got? A big ole hot, lumpy, stinking pool of sick that is right out of Biblical text describing The End of Days, The Apocalypse, Doomsday, etcetera…  
I am far and away from most of the hot spots, literally, cuz it's still sickeningly cold in here in Rezberry. So I and my near loved ones and friends are okay thus far. But my heart is overseas with the Japanese people who are suffering unimaginable tragedy; the Muslim nations that are rebelling so their children will live a better life in a democracy, sans crazy brutal dictator regimes (I sympathize; I lived during GW Brutus Bush II years). BTW-Indians and Americans need to heed the fanatical Republican candidates signing up for the 2012 presidential election. This crazy crew of hate-mongers, hypocrites and disinformation specialist's are already delightfully amusing! Run Michelle Run!!!
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