Fond du Lac Follies
Fond du Lac Follies
Thursday, October 29 2009
Written by Jim Northrup,
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I was visiting with Charlie Nahganub at the kitchen table when he suggested saying MANOOMIN instead of wild rice. I liked the idea so much I have decided not to use those words anymore, unless I am talking about that black paddy rice peddled all over Minnesota highways.

Longtime readers of the Follies might remember when I banned a word from my vocabulary before. It was 17 years ago when I gave the word Indian a break. I quit saying the word for a year because of that Christopher Columbus nonsense. This is the same idea, remove wild rice from my speech and writing.

This time, however, I won’t give my sons a dollar every time I slip up and say wild rice. Instead of making rice I will say MANOOMINIKE. The paddy rice makers can keep that old words-wild rice for their product. I shall use the older word MANOOMIN for that plant that we turn into food.
Fond du Lac Follies
Thursday, October 22 2009
Written by Jim Northrop,
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Fond du Lac Follies motored to the Black Bear Casino to see the Hells Angels. I had seen the Hells Angels once before in the early 1960s. I was a young Marine Military Policeman stationed at Barstow California. The freeway wasn’t completed yet and the main highway ran through the middle of the base.
Fond du lac follies
Tuesday, August 25 2009
Written by Jim Northrop,
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Fond du Lac Follies motored to the Black Bear Casino to eat. My wife Pat was happy because she didn’t feel like cooking so we ate at the buffet. While we were there we met Rick and Randy Gresczyk, and a bit later we were joined by Helen Roy and David Fuhst. Helen told us she was in town to perform at the Black Bear Casino. We became part of her audience. She sang songs in Ojibwe.

**** The 1st Annual Ojibwe language immersion camp was excellent.  My son Aaron and godson Zac built one waaginogan for shelter from the rain and sun. My son Jim built the second one. At least a dozen campers joined in building the teaching lodge. The camp was held on the north end of Big Lake in Sawyer. We could see eagles flying over the doings,

Fond du lac follies
Friday, July 24 2009
Written by Mi iw,
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Fond du Lac Follies motored to Gakaabikaang to meet with Rick Gresczyk’s class at Metro State. I arrived in time to see students carrying food towards the classroom. I was just in time for a feast, what timing eh? Rick made an Ojibwe prayer for the food, included some tobacco.

This was a culturally diverse group – I ate wild rice and food from Somalia. I told stories for a while, maybe a bit more than an hour. The students seemed to enjoy my presentation; they laughed at the appropriate times and were quietly thinking during other parts.

After I was done I headed north to the quiet of the Rez. I just couldn’t stand being in the city any longer, there is too much of everything. I drove north to the welcoming dark of the northern Minnesota night.

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