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Native groups oppose Olympics
Sunday, December 06 2009
Written by Mordecai Specktor,
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The anti-Olympics coalition in Canada clearly states its position on the home page of their website ( “No 2010 Olympics on Stolen Native Land – Resist the 2010 Corporate Circus.”

In late October, protesters were preparing to confront the Olympic torch relay along its 106-day route across Canada. “In Victoria, with the Olympic flame arriving on a plane from Greece just a day before Halloween, anti-Olympic groups are planning a street festival and a ‘zombie march’ along Victoria’s streets,” according to the Canadian Press. The paper also reported that opponents of the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games range from “native groups and anti-poverty activists to civil rights advocates and opponents of Canada’s seal hunt.”

Native Issues in the Halls of Government
Thursday, October 29 2009
Written by Mordecai Specktor,
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Repression south and north

In the hinterlands of Peru, early in the morning of June 5, police attacked a highway blockade erected by members of the Awajun and Wambis tribes. Firing live rounds, from the ground and from helicopters, the Peruvian authorities killed 40 Indian protesters, according to John Gibler, a Mexico-based reporter writing for the Huffington Post (

The indigenous groups had been calling for the repeal of “a series of laws and executive orders that would allow the government to make it easy to grant indigenous lands to multinational oil, mining, and energy corporations,” according to Gibler. “A Peruvian congressional committee declared several of the laws to be unconstitutional, but President Alan Garcia and his APRA party… have repeatedly blocked congressional debate that would vote to revoke the laws.”

Peltier Denied Parole
Thursday, October 22 2009
Written by AP,
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I last saw Leonard Peltier on Jan. 15, 1985, at the federal prison in Springfield, Missouri. I traveled from the Twin Cities to Springfield, with photographer Dick Bancroft, for a one-hour interview with the American Indian Movement (AIM) activist.


Peltier  is serving two life sentences for the murder of two FBI agents in a June 26, 1975 shootout near the village of Oglala on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. An Indian man also died in the firefight.

Iron Range city council member Nevada Little Wolf someone to watch
Monday, September 21 2009
Written by Madeleine Baran,
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On a late afternoon in Virginia, Minnesota two years ago, Nevada Littlewolf sat nervously in her car outside city hall. She had thirty minutes left to decide whether to run for city council. If she won, she would be the first Native American woman on the small Iron Range city’s council. The current group had only one woman, and most members were over fifty years old.

It was Littlewolf’s thirty-first birthday, and her friends and family were waiting for her to show up to a party to celebrate. She didn’t know what to do. She had two young children with her partner Todd and was busy working as a guardian ad litem for children and families. And despite years of progressive community involvement, she had no experience as an elected official. She called her father for advice. “He told me, ‘What do you have to lose?’” Littlewolf said. She quickly thought it over, and went into the building to enter the race.

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