St. Louis County Board wonít sell land to indians
Wednesday, March 11 2009
Written by Aimee Loiselle and Catherine Whipple,
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Tensions have risen in northern Minnesota between the St. Louis County Commissioners and the Bois Forte and Fond du Lac Ojibwe bands. County officials

say they are concerned about loss of taxable land, while some band members accuse the commissioners of racism and bias.

It all started in January when St. Louis County Board Chairman Dennis Fink challenged the Fond du Lac Ojibwe bandís effort to place a 33-acre parcel of land into federal trust, placing it in tax-exempt status. A majority of the Board agreed with Finkís objection to the land sale and also removed other tax-exempt lands from sale.

The board says at issue is its desire to collect property taxes on land the tribes purchase from the county. Three commissioners expressed concerns about tribes not paying enough taxes yet receiving services. Tribal leaders were not invited to the meeting.

Red Lake Band holds COPS Native American Training Series
Monday, February 09 2009
Written by Story and Photos by Michael Meuers,
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copstrainingstory.jpgTwenty-five participants braved inclement weather to attend the COPS Native American Training Series (Train the Trainer) held at the Red Lake Humanities Center on Dec. 23, 2008.

According to Alice Benaise, Director for Red Lake Project Safe Neighbor-hoods, the title of the course was “COPS Native American Training Series Train-the-Trainer”. The training introduced participants to the COPS Native American Training Series (NATS) and its accompanying toolkit. 

Iron Range city council member Nevada Little Wolf someone to watch
Written by Madeleine Baran,
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On a late afternoon in Virginia, Minnesota two years ago, Nevada Littlewolf sat nervously in her car outside city hall. She had thirty minutes left to decide whether to run for city council.  If she won, she would be the first Native American woman on the small Iron Range city’s council. The current group had only one woman, and most members were over fifty years old.

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