Superintendent Speaks
MPS Superintendent Speaks
Wednesday, November 21 2012
Written by by Bernadeia H. Johnson, Ed.D. Superintendent of Schools,
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Dear MPS Partners and Friends,
Minneapolis Public Schools (MPS) is deeply grateful for and humbled by the overwhelming support that the citizens of Minneapolis have given the school district. We believe that this support demonstrates that the people of Minneapolis value our work and have confidence that we can make the improvements necessary to raise student achievement. One of our school district's sources of support and funding is the property tax levy.
MPS is committed to using its levy authority to meet the needs of present and future students and to only levy for what schools need. We are proposing a four percent increase in the school district levy, which would take effect for property taxes payable in 2013. The school district currently levies for about $165.7 million. The four percent increase would bring this amount to $172.4 million. The median Minneapolis home value is $171,000. If you own a home at that value, the school portion of your property taxes is expected to increase about $61 per year ($5 per month). The school board will vote on the increase in December.
Wednesday, October 17 2012
Written by Bernadeia H. Johnson, Ed.D. Superintendent of Schools,
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Attend to Achieve: Attendance is key to our students' success

As we begin another school year in Minneapolis Public Schools, I am pleased to report that we are off to a great start.
We are excited about this year's priorities, which will help us continue to improve teaching and learning in our schools. One of those priorities is the launch of our new attendance campaign, Attend to Achieve. We know that attendance is critical to student success, but far too many of our children are not attending school as regularly as they should.
We know that students need to attend school to achieve in school. Study after study proves that being in school leads to succeeding in school. The Attend to Achieve campaign supports our goal for all students to attend school at least 95 % of the time.

MPS Superintendent Speaks
Monday, September 17 2012
Written by The Circle Staff,
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The Minneapolis Public Schools will welcome students in grades 1-12 back to school on August 27 and our new kindergarten, pre-kindergarten, ECFE and High Five students on August 29.

Visit the new Davis Center
We are MPS. We are open-minded, welcoming, conscientious, attentive, fun, interactive, collaborative, progressive, and accountable. We are also excited to welcome our families and the community to the completed John B. Davis Education and Service Center.
Since the Board of Education approved this project almost two years ago, the site has undergone a stunning transformation. The Davis Center will serve as a beacon for the future success of our students and as a welcoming hub for all members of our community. It will be a place for us to demonstrate a culture of YES.
The Davis Center will help us as we strive to achieve our mission by serving well over one thousand students, staff, families and community members daily. We are working hard to provide the best service to every family, every day.
Superintendent Speaks
Sunday, June 10 2012
Written by by Bernadeia Johnson Mpls Public Schools Superintendent,
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Looking forward to what comes next…

Congratulations, Graduates! Each spring our preschool students visit kindergarten classrooms to get a sense of what they can expect from the coming year's big transition. They embrace their day-long challenge with a blend of trepidation and excitement, understanding on some intrinsic level that they are getting a glimpse of their future, seeing that it is close enough to touch. Although they may not have a full grasp of what is to come, they know that their lives are about to change.
Each spring, our graduating seniors prepare for their own big transition. With college and career on the horizon, they savor the last milestones of high school and proudly ready themselves to accept diplomas in front of family and friends. And as they look out across the crowd, they too know that their future draws nearer by the moment.
Superintendent Speaks
Thursday, May 17 2012
Written by by Bernadeia Johnson,
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On Tuesday, April 17, the Minneapolis Board of Education approved a new two-year labor contract with the Minneapolis Federation of Teachers (MFT) that supports and advances student achievement. The teachers' union and MPS reached agreement on key issues such as providing students with more time to learn, allowing teachers more time to effectively prepare for classes each day and establishing a more collaborative and focused professional development plan.
This contract is only one cornerstone of our reform efforts to turn around underperforming schools and improve academic outcomes for all students. We take the challenge of educational improvement seriously and are launching some substantial revisions to our structure and practice to build momentum for increasing success in our most struggling schools. This work includes focused instruction - what we teach, how we teach and how we measure student progress; teacher evaluation that is both supportive and meaningful; partnering with successful charter schools like Harvest Preparatory; and utilizing instructional time, including summer school, more effectively.
While the labor contract is not the only way for us to achieve improvements in these schools, it is a vital part of the overall equation. We must continue to align contracts to support school district reform efforts. This contract is not an end in itself; it is a foundation to help build future success. This contract continues to change the way we do business.
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