MIWRC selected as one of 16 national organizations for Move to End Violence.
Friday, June 10 2011
Written by The Circle Staff,
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The NoVo Foundation of New York kicked off its Move to End Violence Initiative, a groundbreaking, 10 year, $80 million initiative designed to strengthen the movement to end violence against women and girls in the United States. Over the life of the initiative, Move to End Violence will engage over 100 individuals and as many organizations, establishing an infrastructure of leaders and organizations to lead this effort.

Sixteen national leaders and organizations were selected for the pilot group including the Minnesota Indian Women's Resource Center of Minneapolis.
"The opportunity to network with other leaders in the field and influence a national dialogue on ending violence is very exciting," said Suzanne Koepplinger, Executive Director of the Minnesota Indian Women's Resource Center. "We are honored to be part of this initiative to end the on-going victimization of women and children in our country."
During the two year pilot, these leaders and organizations will engage in movement building work, transformative leadership development, social skills trainings and organizational development. Additionally, each organization receives a significant grant from the NoVo Foundation.
The Minnesota Indian Women's Resource Center is a 27 year old non-profit community organization in Minneapolis, MN. The agency's mission is to "empower American Indian women and families to exercise their cultural values and integrity, and to achieve sustainable life ways, while advocating for justice and equity."

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