Me Sexy: An Exploration of Native Sex and Sexuality
Monday, February 09 2009
Written by Drew Taylor (Editor) Douglas & McIntyre March,
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me_sexy.jpgIs Cree really the sexiest of all languages? Does Inuit sex have a dark side? These are some of the questions answered in this witty, thoughtful collection. Twelve important voices in the Native culture, including Joseph Boyden and Marissa Crazytrain, tackle a variety of previously taboo subjects with humor and insight. Noted comic writer and editor Drew Hayden Taylor wraps it up with an original contribution of his own.

Heid Erdrich, in her StarTribune reviews, says ...though the essays made me laugh-which is like getting to second base with me-they hardly are meant to make anyone hot. With titles such as: Learning to Skin the Beaver and Dances for Dollars, the essays are more diverse than perverse. As often amusing as political, as often historical as hysterical, they are also dry-humored academic with a turn toward the juicy. In short, these essays go both ways and get around.

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