It Ain't Easy Being Indian
Monday, March 10 2014
Written by Ricey Wild,
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ricey wild.jpgJust now as of this writing I confirmed plans to attend the Stop the Wolf Hunt rally in St. Paul, Minn. I was told too that I could speak! Iíll give that some thought because this slaughter of our brother wolf is so disgusting and completely horrid that I will probably break down and sob at the wolvesí deaths that never had to happen at all. In my estimation wolves are necessary to the environment as water, sunlight and food. Humans are the only creature that kills for pleasure in addition to being a heinous scourge on our Mother Earth.

The culture of fear of wolves was brought over by the Europeans whose domestic animals were sometimes preyed upon. Everywhere in fables, pop culture and the current war on wolves are blatant lies. Little Red Riding Hood and the BIG BAD WOLF, The THREE LITTLE PIGS and WEREWOLVES are the most recognized stories about this magnificent, family-oriented animal. As a child I was puzzled why wolves were so awful but didnít question it because I was a little kid and no one told me any different. I donít have that blind ignorance anymore and my participation in the rally which will have occurred before this publication is done, for now.

Horrific pictures of mighty white hunters and trappers are being posted on the internet; they are gruesome to see but I believe even more damaging to our collective spirit. The so-called hunters are smiling just big in the photographs and I want to throw up in their hairy pink faces. I get headaches and cry thinking about it so now Iím gonna do something about it.

The first time I ever heard a wolf howl was right here in Rezberry. In 1980 something my cousin and I were with our grandparents staying in a little cabin on a lake. When Paw shut off the one light source it was pitch black, so dark I couldnít see my hand in front of my face. Being a city girl the night was mysterious and unfamiliar, not much later I was awakened by a wolf howl and it was and still is the most thrilling sound Iíve ever heard. I wasnít afraid at all; now Iím afraid Iíll never hear that call again. So Iím off to the big city to light up some congressional and senatorial asses.

Then thereís always something, ennit? The troublesome power-hungry rez rats are making a call to arms against the legally elected members of our reservation business committee. Just recently they disrupted an executive meeting saying they represent 90 percent of Rezberrians, which is an outright lie and blatantly absurd. I took it very hard to even wrap my mind around at their claim because they sure donít represent ME!!! Ish. Just ish.

Regarding this state of affairs too Iíve sat around like itís everybodyís problem but mine and I canít do that anymore. The rez rats prey upon the angry, disaffected enrollees to bolster their campaign against a working system because they donít get to swim in gravy like they had gotten used to by previous administrations. Now I support and appreciate any real concerns that affect all of our enrollees but these ones have no proof of anything they claim of misconduct or any shady deals. No, I believe the RBC is quite well and functional thank you and will yooz please stop your hateful tactics and let them do their job? No? Well thatís on yooz then and no one will thank you for any further acts of idiocy that delay normal business which does affect all of us never mind living up to the bad media press locally. They slurp up any hint of scandal or Indians pointing fingers at each other.

Say! That reminds me of an incident at the Risky Raccoon Kasino & Resort. I was playing slots, not winning on that machine when a white guy sat down next to me. He opened the conversation by asking if I was winning any money. I said no, not on this one and then he said, ďWell, I just wish it was going to a good cause.Ē IKR? I visibly rolled my eyes at him. I could have gone into a rant but I didnít. I said that it is going for a good cause. The reservation employs 2,000-plus people who buy homes, contribute to the local economy and provide services we didnít get when there was no casino revenue. Dude had the small grace to look somewhat abashed and then I got up and left.

I feel good about that episode though; while Iím usually never at a loss for words ;D the whole thing could have gone bad quickly, yanno? Yet another winter storm is on its way!!! I shall name it Inkapunk.

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