Letter to the Editor: Dayton Missed Opportunity
Thursday, May 01 2014
Written by Constance Bonniwell,
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To the Editor,

A recent article in the Star Tribune reported that a group of politicians from northeastern Minnesota visited Gov. Dayton's office, telling him the sulfide mining companies worry about being able to comply with Minnesota's water quality standards and that the mining companies needed them weakened.

This was the moment when Mark Dayton could have chased every sulfide mining corporation out of the state by uttering one sentence: “I am proud to uphold the water quality standards protecting Minnesota's wild rice beds.” But that didn't happen.

Instead we who strive to protect Minnesota's natural resources are left questioning whether Mark Dayton lacks the will and the courage to protect them.

If it had been Gov. Jerry Brown visiting Mark Dayton, the conversation would have gone quite differently: years ago California poked Minnesota about water pipelines but was wisely refused.

Leaving decent governance on this vital issue to the people of Minnesota is not why many of us voted for Mark Dayton. We do so miss and suffer the loss of our dear Gov. Rudy Perpich. That is who we needed in the governor's chair that day in February 2014.

Constance Bonniwell

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