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Friday, March 09 2012
Written by Valerie Decorah Guimaraes,
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Replay to Indian Heights Story

I would like to offer some clarification for completeness sake regarding Indian Heights Park.  A few of us worked very hard and are still working hard to have Indian Heights Park recognized as a Dakota Burial site: Shirley Greising, Betty Smith and Valerie DeCora Guimaraes. 
The Dakota perspective was missing in your article (Indian Heights Park Recognized As Dakota Burial Site, The?Circle, Feb. 2012) just as it was in the initial Rochester Park Board Steering Committee process, and it appears that it is still in jeopardy given the comments made by Mitch Moore and Jim Wilson.
First, we the Dakota Community of Rochester had the strong support of Mr. Leonard Wabasha, Mr. Dave Larson and Ms. Whitney White.  These individuals were and are kept abreast of all developments of the process and encouraged us to share the Dakota perspective with the Park Board of The City of Rochester.

Native Issues in the Halls of Government
Friday, March 09 2012
Written by Mordecai Specktor,
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Protect Our Manoomin
The environmental threats from proposed copper-nickel mining in northeastern Minnesota will come into public view when dogsled mushers deliver petitions to the Capitol in St. Paul on March 8. As I write this column, a sled dog run is scheduled to leave Ely and Grand Marais in a few days, with stops in Finland and Duluth, and a rally with the mushers and sled dogs 10:30 a.m. Thursday, March 8 at the Capitol.
The Canadian firm PolyMet ( is leading the charge to dig out copper, nickel and precious metals in the Duluth Complex, in and around the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness - and in the 1854 Treaty Ceded Territory.
Fond du Lac Follies
Friday, March 09 2012
Written by Jim Northrup,
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I began seeing advertisements for a play called The Great Hurt by Carl Gawboy. It was written about boarding schools. I have long admired his work as a painter, even used one of his paintings on the front cover of Walking The Rez Road when it was reprinted.
This play was showing a new facet of his talents. I made plans to attend a reading of his play in Duluth at the College of St. Scholastica, Mitchell Auditorium because I was a boarding school survivor.
Then, in a late afternoon surprise, I got a phone call from Carl himself. He asked if I would read what I had written about my boarding school experiences.  I said shore (which in a Minnesota accent means sure).
It ain't easy being indian
Friday, March 09 2012
Written by Ricey Wild,
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Another election cycle has come just in time to Rezberry saving me from fatal boredom. Very similar to U.S. political campaigns tribal politics can get really ugly and intense during the run for election. Baseless rumors, evil plots and wacked out speculations are running rampant across the reservation. And filthy, toxic lies spill over onto off-Rez voters who are sometimes left wondering what all the hullabaloo is about. And that's just the milder stuff that goes on in the competition for the few rare and highly prized seats on the tribal council.
Superintendent Speaks
Friday, March 09 2012
Written by Bernadeia Johnson,
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Dear MPS Partners and Friends,

It has been said – and I firmly believe – that education is the greatest civil rights issue of our time. I also believe that education is our greatest opportunity to eradicate the inequities that exist in our communities. The right for every individual in our community to access a high quality public education is a reflection of our values, our foresight and our commitment to our economic future.
My vision is for all students who graduate from the Minneapolis Public Schools to be college and career ready. A child’s education must start the day he or she is born and must continue beyond the day that his or her graduation cap is tossed in the air. We must continue to invest in early childhood education, prepare students to read by third grade, maintain the academic momentum through the middle grades and push students to reach new heights as they prepare for college and career.  
The Minneapolis Public Schools is closing the achievement gap for the first time in six years, but there is still much work to do. We must continue to work to ensure that all students succeed at high levels.

Community Calendar March 2012
Friday, March 09 2012
Written by Jenny,
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Through March 17
Frank Big Bear Skull Paintings: an Homage to Fritz Scholder
Frank Big Bear's new work. Skull Paintings: an Homage to Fritz Scholder presents new paintings, drawings, and collages that reveal Frank Big Bear's current inspirations and obsessions. Consisting of bold portraits of skeletal warriors, among other images, his current series of paintings responds to work by the American artist Fritz Scholder. Gallery Hours: Wed. thru Sat., Noon to 5 pm. Bockley Gallery, 2123 W. 21st St., Minneapolis.

Through June 30
Mni Sota: Reflections of
Time and Place
"Mni Sota: Reflections of Time and Place" features works by 17 Native American artists from the Minnesota region. All exhibits are free and open to the public. Sites and dates are:
o Thru March 15: Katherine E. Nash Gallery, Minneapolis, MN.
o April 1-May 18: Mille Lacs Indian Museum, Onamia, MN.
o May 28-June 30: Tweed Museum, Duluth, MN.
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