Anil Ambani: RNRL AGM meeting


Sach ka Saamna: Ambani Style

The performance was riveting full with slogans, phrases and even tears. No it was not a theatre performance or a Bollywood movie but a routine AGM speech which turned out to be more entertaining than any theatrics.

Anil Ambani, in unlike Ambani style, decided to cry foul and slammed his brother, the Petroleum Ministry, the Government Advocate while trying to justify his case.

If you left wondering what drove him to such desperation, make no mistake.

It was well planned and cleverly executed. The sloganeering was orchestrated by a conductor who made animated hand movements for the thunderous applause and slow movements for sloganeering.

As if the side heroes was not good enough, you had the voice of Anil Ambani suddenly choking while mentioning his father's name and his wife (former Bollywood actress) clearing an eye lash which seemed like tears for the camera.

Wonder if he were to sit on the hot seat, what are the questions which will be interesting to be asked. Some questions:

Have you ever asked your brother for cash instead of the gas?

Have you ever tried to influence any Union Minister to give you preferential treatment on policies?

Have you bribed any Government official?

Are you genuinely dedicated to national interest?

Do you enjoy playing in capital markets more than executing projects?

Have you ever betrayed your wife ever?

We know the truth without the polygraph test, but it will be worth hearing it from the Horses Mouth

What Anil Ambani said and what he meant?

· My congratulations to the RIL team for achieving this marvelous feat (of production from KG Basin)

And Now that the project is implemented and Feat is achieved can I make some money?

· Clearly, the Hon'ble High Court's order is a body blow to RIL

But it's just gas for me and you

· The fact is that we are not claiming any rights to the ownership of the KG Gas gas fields

Who wants ownership when we can make more money by just trading!!

· Why don't they (Government) take back the ownership of the gas fields from RIL, when provisions exist for them to do so?

At least then RIL and RNRL can seek damages from the Government!

· To illustrate: the situation is similar to that of stamp duty on property transactions!

The Government should issue more stamps and forget about the property

· Of the Initial revenue of Rs. 50,000 crore, RIL gets almost all, i.e. Rs. 49,500 crore vs. the Government's Rs. 500 crore

Everybody is making money except me, the little brother

The most important word for Dhirubhai Ambani was "TRUST" and that word has unfortunately, gone missing

I totally mistrust the Government, my brother and his company. The only person I trust is myself

The price was not decided by two brothers over the dinner table

We could not even sit on a table to have dinner