Anil Ambani vs. Dadri Farmers


Anil Ambani has acquired land for its Dadri Plant’s from the farmers at a cheaper price rather than taking the land at a market price. Against this forgery more than a thousand farmers agitated and declared a battle against Anil Ambani. Due to acquisition of the land, farmers households are affected badly and they have reminded Anil Ambani not to violate the stay order of Allahabad High Court on the land. He has continuously misused political power to develop his Dadri power plant.

After this notification, the previous Government in the state had imposed land Acquisition clause under section 17. With the implementation of section 17, even the protesting rights were snatched from the affected farmers.

Within eight days of the issuance of this notification, the Mulayam Govt. had signed the agreement with R-Power Chief Anil Ambani. According to the agreement, the company had to bear full cost and the project was to complete within three years.

After five days of agreement, the company wrote a letter to Govt. that the project is not viable. Beside, to start this project, the company needs the financial support from the Govt. To convert this illegal demand to legal, the Mulayam Singh Govt. on 8th June 2005 amended the power policy and assured to give 60% financial support.

It is appealed to Honorable Chief Minister Smt Mayawatiji to protect the interest of farmer and help them in receiving the land back which was acquired by forgery and intimidation.

There is no dearth of barren land in the state. Hence the use of fertile land for setting up power plant does not make any sense. Moreover, at the time when India is grappling with intense drought conditions and food shortage, the idea of using productive land will be surely

As long as the farmers do not get back the land, the agitation and struggle will continue. It is hope that the deprived farmers will get justice similar to the farmers of Singur and Nandigram and will be successful in driving away the Anil Ambani from our land.

Based on these evidence and facts, it can be safely concluded that Anil Ambani Group has connived with select politicians and government officials.

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