Native American people had to be courageous because of the false promises the white man gave them like telling them that material possessions would lead to happiness and fulfillment. They were told to forget their own cultural ways and claim the white man ways.  So I know they had to be courageous to survive.  And to have their Native ways survive too.

Native people also had to be courageous because of all the diseases

they suffered from,  such as: smallpox, influenza and tuberculosis. 

They didn’t have any immunity from these diseases.  Plus many Ojibwe

were eating too much starchy food and didn’t produce their main sources

of food.  And because of racism, many people didn’t like the Natives

speaking their language.

Another reason for Native people’s

courage was because of having to survive alcoholism, poverty, and

disease.  It was like the Native world was turned upside down.  But

today, Native are still living and living their Native ways.