Roubideaux announces $500M in recovery funds



D.C. (AP) – Yvette Roubideaux (Rosebud Sioux), the recently confirmed director

of the Indian Health Service, announced $500 million in funds from the American

Recovery and Reinvestment Act.



Obama is committed to improving health in Indian Country,” Roubideaux said. “It

isn’t just talk, he’s taking action.”


Roubideaux said

the administration will provide $227 million for health facilities

construction, $100 million for maintenance and improvements, $85 million for

health information technology, $68 million for sanitation facilities

construction, and $20 million for health equipment that will help improve

health care in Indian Country.


According to

the IHS, the money will complete two hospitals – one on the Cheyenne River

Sioux Reservation in South Dakota and another in Nome, Alaska. The funds will

be used for 169 sanitation facilities projects in 24 states, 302 maintenance and

improvement projects and to purchase over 200 pieces of medical equipment.