The Lost identities


A lot of things had happen to the Native children during the Boarding School era. They been taking away from their family and put into boarding schools. They would become Christianized and forget their traditional ways. The children would be beaten and punished if they talked the native languages. After the children achieved and learned the white man ways, they were adopted into white man homes.

Many people suffered physically from diseases such as: smallpox, influenza, and tuberculosis. Emotionally they suffered by having their children taken away. They suffered spiritually from having their culture taken away. Our ancestors suffered emotionally as well. How would you feel if your children were taken away from you?

The federal government developed a plan to get the native children to

forget their traditional ways and adopt the white man ways. The plan

was to take the children and put them into federal boarding and mission

schools. The federal government and churches operated these schools. 

One of the ideas was to break up families and to hurt the generations

for a long time. I think that all this history took courage to survive.

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