New magazine features reservation hunting opportunities/conservation

New magazine features rez huntingHunting The Rez is a new Native American owned magazine that features hunting and fishing opportunities on North American Indian lands. Hunting The Rez staff and their quarterly magazine, which is distributed nationally, provide news and information for outdoors enthusiasts, big game hunters and fisherman all over the country. They are also a liaison between tribal Fish & Game Departments, State and Government Departments, local businesses and outdoor sports enthusiasts.
Belcourt, owner of Hunting The Rez Magazine, says, "We not a shot-em-up magazine, we actually about conservation." Belcourt says the magazine is geared toward the non-Native hunter; highlighting the hunting opportunities available on tribal lands, while showcasing the conservation efforts of Native tribes.
The first issue of the Indian-owned and operated magazine was published in Decemer, 2010. Belcourt says they have a circulation of 16,000 and are in major chains likes Barnes and Nobles, Checkers in Canada, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, Border's, Hastings and Waldenbooks. But Belcourt says they are hoping to expand into smaller reservation stores. In Minnesota they are can be found at Other Store in Redby, MN.
When asked how he came up with the idea for the magazine, he said, "Hunting for us is a way of life and ties us to our culture heritage. My background is in business, so I?just put two and two together."

The magazine also recently facilitated a Big Horn Ram Hunt online auction and will provide a fully guided hunt complete with local pro hunting guides. The Big Horn Ram hunt sold for a record $78,100 on March 26 at an online auction site on behalf of the Rocky Boy Reservation's (in Montana) Fish & Game Department.
The Big Horn Ram tag, which was the first to ever be offered by Rocky Boy's Fish & Game Department, was purchased by an Idaho man in a last second winning bid in the highly competitive auction.
Wildlife conservation efforts by the Fish & Game programs from the Chippewa Cree and Salish Kootenai Tribes collaborated and provided the resources to make the Big Horn Ram hunt possible.
The Rocky Mountain sheep were reintroduced into the Bears Paw Mountain area where the Rocky Boy Indian reservation is situated. The Big Horn sheep were transplanted from the Flathead Indian reservation and the Flathead Valley area in 2006 through a grant from United States Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS). Today there are more than 100 head of Rocky Mountain Big Horn sheep residing and thriving in the area.
Most of the proceeds generated from the auction will be used by the Chippewa Cree Tribe for the management of their Fish & Game program.
"We are always pleased to see the conservation efforts that many tribes are taking to enhance their fish and game programs. Our hope is that the programs generate revenue and opportunities for employment, not to mention creating better hunting and fishing opportunities," said Belcourt.
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