MPS Superintendent Speaks


The Minneapolis Public Schools will welcome students in grades 1-12 back to school on August 27 and our new kindergarten, pre-kindergarten, ECFE and High Five students on August 29.

Visit the new Davis Center

We are MPS. We are open-minded, welcoming, conscientious, attentive, fun, interactive, collaborative, progressive, and accountable. We are also excited to welcome our families and the community to the completed John B. Davis Education and Service Center.

Since the Board of Education approved this project almost two years ago, the site has undergone a stunning transformation. The Davis Center will serve as a beacon for the future success of our students and as a welcoming hub for all members of our community. It will be a place for us to demonstrate a culture of YES.

The Davis Center will help us as we strive to achieve our mission by serving well over one thousand students, staff, families and community members daily. We are working hard to provide the best service to every family, every day.

Attend school to achieve in school

I know that our community is counting on us to make a difference in the lives of our students. As we prepare our students for success in school and after graduation, it is important that all of our students arrive at school on the first day on time and ready to learn. Not only are we preparing for the upcoming school year, but we are also working to prepare students for future success.

Students need to attend school to achieve in school – and everyone can play a role in making this happen. This year, we are leading an aggressive attendance campaign called Attend to Achieve because we know that attendance is critical to student success. When students attend school, they are much more likely to achieve their dreams and enroll in college.

Our goal is to have 95% of students attending school 95% of the time. We are calling on all parents, students, staff and community members to help ensure that students attend school.

Everyone can play a role in helping improve student attendance. I urge you to connect with students, encourage them to attend school and make school an interesting and welcoming place to learn.

Students want and need relationships with caring adults – they need to know that somone cares about them and their future. We can’t teach our students and help them achieve academic results when they are not in school. Attendance counts. Every student counts, and every day counts. And it’s the law.

Working together toward a clear goal

We are committed to our mission: we exist to ensure that all students learn; and our vision, every child college and career ready. We are working together toward a clear goal: great teaching in every classroom, for every student, every day. This year, my main priorities include:

o increasing teaching effectiveness and student learning in the classroom;

o increasing school and administrator effectiveness;

o ensuring we have more great schools where the need is greatest;

o increasing our long-range financial stability.

I am confident we have the right strategies in place to close the achievement gap and put a good teacher in every classroom, a strong principal in every school and a high quality school in every neighborhood.

We are MPS. We look forward to making 2012-2013 a great school year. When we all work together, there is no limit to what we can achieve. Thank you for your continued support and dedication to the Minneapolis Public Schools.

Bernadeia H. Johnson, Ed.D.

Superintendent of Schools