Out & About: March 2015


A Conversation with Eve, Winona and


“Until we can trust our own

hearts, we cannot have a revolution.”

Eve Ensler’s words permeated

throughout the auditorium at the Women’s Club in Minneapolis on

Feb. 17 as Honor the Earth, One Billion Rising and Women’s Congress

partnered to organize a powerful discussion: Extreme Extraction and

Violence Against Native women.

The conversation centered around the

disregard for the planet and natural resources by major oil

corporations and how it directly correlates to the violence

experienced by Indigenous women in North and South America.

The panel conversation not only

engaged those who attended but empowered every individual to action,

because the issue of violence against Native women belongs to

everyone. The evening was filled with revolutionary imagery, music,

refreshments and good company.

extreme extraction and violence 2-web.jpg

extreme extraction and violence 1-web.jpg

Top left: Chasity Brown performs a selection of

her songs. (Photo by Deanna StandingCloud)

Top right: Winona LaDuke, Patina Park, Eve Ensler

and Louise Erdrich deliver a powerful panel discussion about

environmental justice and it’s connection to violence against

Indigenous women. (Photo by Deanna StandingCloud)

South High School Achievement Night

out and about 1-web.jpgout and about 3-web.jpg

out and about 4-web.jpg

Top left: Students attending the STEM conference

participate in an Indigenous Star Knowledge lesson in a portable

planetarium provided by MPS Indian Education.

(Photo by Deanna StandingCloud)

Top right: Members of Hoka Hey offer an honor song

for Native students in Minneapolis in recognition of their

achievements at South High School’s Achievement Night on Feb. 11.

(Photo by Deanna StandingCloud)

Bottom: A student displays her achievement award.

(Photo by Deanna StandingCloud)