School Readiness Project to offer Ojibwe language


The School Readiness Project will be offering Ojibwe language this year. Launched in the Phillips Community in 2008, the Project is designed for American Indian parents, child care providers, grandparents, and uncles and aunts. Transportation, books, snacks, field trips, library visits, take home activities and visits, assessments, adult training classes, were available at no cost. Instructors are skilled and certified working with families and children three days a week, 3 hours each.In 2009-2010 the School Readiness Project will offer two separate programs. Morning classes will be held for the African American community, specifically designed around language, culture, tradition and values. Afternoon programs will be held for the American Indian community to ensure that culture, language, beliefs and values are sustained and honored. Both programs focus on education, skill building, and preparing children up to five years of age for school.

The intention of the project is to help parents, extended family members and the community become aware of the skills their children need to be successful in school. The project is designed for adult participation and mentoring with the child in their care, focusing on best educational practices. Research shows a great start in school begins with the confidence of child self-assurance and the belief that they can be successful in math, reading and writing.

If you would like to take part in this free project, contact Louisa Cox, Lead Program Coordinator at 612-721-0112, ext. 113 or email: