It Ain't Easy Being Indian


Well … This is the month for New

Year’s resolutions, which I don’t like making but if I’m gonna

get anything for next Christmas I better start being good. Oh wait! I

don’t ‘do’ that holiday anymore! Not for any Grinchy reasons though;

mostly because the first family Christmas gathering I had in my Rez

house 10 years ago began fantastically but ended in angry shouts,

fists being shaken and dark vows of never dampening my doorstep

again. Good times, good times … Not!

Eh. I did continue to put up a fake

tree for a few more years just because for my son until my

realization I’m celebrating a Christian holiday and I’m not even

Christian! That poor old tree is in the basement looking all broken

and sad because I find it emotionally exhausting to un-decorate it. I

am happy when other people are happy for that day sharing and giving

with their loved ones especially the children. To me, kids make the

day joyful; they grow up so fast and deserve Santa presents. I did

become tearful when I thought of past Christmases when my son and

nephew were kids, now I’m happy I have those memories.

This past Christmas morning I woke

and went to see if Santa Claus left me anything. Nope. Not even a

lump of coal. I let Mitzi my dog outside, sat for a minute watching

snowflakes gently fall, let Mitzi back in. She began doing that weird

doggy ‘boot scoot’ all over the carpet and a chair and I just

thought she needed to have her behind squeegeed by her groomer. Well

I prepared breakfast for my six cats and the Mitz; when I called for

her she came but wouldn’t eat. What? Then I lifted her tail and it

was a smelly nest of soft mushy poop and long hair.

I know, right? Well I bathed her,

sat down again and heard retching sounds. It wasn’t me. Tupac the

cat had found the one still unsullied spot on the carpet and yakked

up a chunky pool of puke. Sigh. I waited until it was room

temperature before I could bring myself to clean that mess up cuz I

would throw up too if it was too warm or cold. I know … ick! But I

signed up for their care knowing they come with undesirable body

functions so I turned my attention to making chicken soup for myself.

I even turned up the heat as a present to me; usually I keep it as

low as possible.

It was a good day. I have everything

I need including and especially love.

Now as for my New Year’s vows; I

will not sit back and let other people do all the heavy work to

change our world for the better. I will speak out and act out for

causes that are near and dear to my heart like eliminating the vile

team name of Washington “Redskins.” I am calling out Black

Americans on this too – why do they paint up their faces and don

‘Indian’ headdresses especially since they most of all the other

minorities know what it’s like to be disrespected and marginalized?

It sickens me to see that. In no way would anyone in the US tolerate

any team to be called the “N” word. Would Asian, Hispanic,

Jewish, Gay or Redneck Americans allow their culture or ethnicity to

be abused in this way and then see it justified it as ‘a tradition’

and say they are honoring ______ Americans?

Don’t tell me your children

wouldn’t be hurt and confused by the racist images that popular

culture insists is just a game fer cripe’s sake, get over it. Our

parents and theirs had to deal with it but our children don’t have

to … not anymore at all. They deserve our outrage and activism so

their kids don’t have to grow up in that evil shadow of hateful


This is also about wolves being

demonized in European culture. I think of the Story of the Wolf,

Maaii’gan in Ojibwe, that the Creator said that when first man and

his wolf brother were separated that what happens to one will happen

to the other. This is happening now. I vow to speak for my wolf

family and refuse to let the sickness in this society allow open

season on my people.

I officially announce my intent to

sing, dance, write, rally, protest any and all further genocidal

attacks upon the original occupants of our beloved Turtle Island.

Nyah! So there, take that to town. I will be waiting for yooz.

Whew! I’m so glad to get that out

there! Yeah, despite my mostly absurd, karmically ironic existence

I’m just fine. For now anywayz. Happy New Year ya’ll, write me or

email your resolutions, mmmmkay?