It ain’t easy being indian


From the cozy nest on my sofa I watched national and local newscasts in growing horror about Black Friday retail sales. I felt sick. That day, in my opinion, is American culture’s true nature; ugly, greedy, delusional, utterly ignorant and devoid of the original significance of the Christian holiday. Is getting a few bucks off a device that will become obsolete in two weeks worth the ridiculous, smelly crush of people worth it? Wait! Did I say “people?” I mean zombies.

Zombies are what so many American people, aka consumers, have become de facto. Where is the soul-chip of a smart phone? It’s not there like when I look into the eyes of a wolf. I don’t believe that compassion resides in a HDTV or touch pad like when my pets will generously apply kitty kisses and puppy kisses for no other reason than love. Or when my beloved Gramma Rose prays for all her family and their well-being; she puts tobacco down as well as does her beads. That way she’s got most of it covered, ennit? Who needs electricity or satellites to operate and conduct prayers or affection?

Before you get the impression I’m frontin’ that I’m invulnerable to covetousness let me assure yooz that I was addicted to shoes and at one time in my life owned 48+ pairs. And here all I have is the two feet. A time came when shoes were not my obsession but that was before the red soled stilettos made by Christian LeBoutin. “Soles.” Heh. The closest I’ll ever come to owning a pair of those will be if I should accidentally walk in red paint. Hai! Well, looking at them is free.

I have made it my mission to conscientiously keep what rickety contraptions I already have in good working order and not buy anything until it frizzes out and needs replacement. Yes, I appreciate technology for what it has done to advance health, science and communications (sometimes not communications, but I can always shut my phone off. Plz lv a msg after the beep). Technology is amazing when it’s used as a tool for the benefit of the above reasons, but I am sad when it replaces real human interaction and civility, or worse, when technology replaces spirituality and becomes a symbol of self-worth.

Yanno what? I can barely remember if I try all the shoes I collected, but I do recall the three pair of silver shoes; flats, mid-heel and stiletto to my chagrin. I totally thought they were important at that time, which was before I became a mother. I do remember my son’s every smile and how he felt when I held him in my arms. There is no price tag for that experience nor would I sell it if it was possible. Love is infinite and timeless. I am grateful for the good people in my life and their understanding compassion and kindness, and I hope to pay that back in kind when the situation presents itself.

Well…I can’t not write about this December 21, 2012. I just have to or I’ll sink deeper into madness if I don’t. First, from what I read about the modern Mayan people themselves is that they are dismayed by the idea that other people believe the ‘world is ending’ on that precise date. Mayan calendars are far more sophisticated than the western calendar year that we go by now. Julian I think, and it has to be adjusted every four years by adding a “Leap Day”. And they called us Indians ‘savages?’ but I don’t wanna get started.

I have my own speculations about what, if anything, may occur on that infamous date and I am happy to share them with yooz. My first theory is that day will mark the beginning of a spiritual re-awakening of humanity whereby we actually earn the ‘human’ part of that idea. The other is way out there, like really way out there, but since yooz are wondering I’ll put it out there. I think that day we will have contact with our space brethren, or wherever it is they come from. For real!

Now, I don’t put my faith in or any other questionable sources but I did watch a seer who was recorded in a 1980 interview that it will be around this time when alien ‘contact’ will be made, and that the U.S. government has been involved in a many decades-long cover-up so the U.S. could acquire the alien technology. There’s that word again.

I’m pulling for the first scenario but won’t be surprised at the second one. In any case my friends live long and prosper. Responsibly that is….

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