It Ain't Easy Being Indian


ricey wild.jpgI’m so excited about Halloween! It’s

the only time I can wear my kitty-cat ears in public, but I’m

thinking this year I want to get painted up as a sugar skull. Yes, I

have very important things on my agenda. More than that I’m over

the moon that my life doesn’t suck right now. Sad as it is, if you

have never suffered you don’t know what life’s blessings really

are. Enjoy the good times my dear ones, enjoy!

Last month I shared a poopy story and

I have another one but I’m not the poopetrator this time. I walked

out to my mailbox and toward the end of my driveway was a huge pile

of a dark substance that looked like poop with popcorn kernels in it.

Upon closer inspection on the way back (no stack of checks to cash,

hai!) I saw the seeds must be berries. I told my co-worker Chuck

about it and he said, “Bear poop!” which is exactly the

conclusion I came to. So, if you get a question on your test “Do

bears poop in the woods?” The answer is not always. That bear

didn’t make it behind a tree either.

Whenever Indians get together of

course we ask who the other is related to and a lot of times it’s

oneself; another long-lost cousin. Another favorite topic is ‘poor

stories’ and my brother Mike W. has a doozy! He said his house was

broken into but the thieves didn’t take anything! Of course I

laughed at how pitiful that was and said they could have left you a

five dollar bill at least for a new lock. Then Mike said, “Now

here’s the kicker! All three of my guitars were pawned so they were

safe.” I know, right?

It’s a miracle to me that we Indians

have anything left after the murderous colonials thieved everything

we had. Yes, I know that not many white people alive today did much

stealing (it having already been done by their ancestors) but the

fact of the matter is that cultural mind-set is still active in this

country; that Indians can’t have anything like oh, education,

health care, decent housing, jobs and casino revenue.

Today, the Koch brothers are very busy

stealing land again and violating every environmental protection we

have and ARE GETTING AWAY WITH IT! Geez people wake up! They and

their ilk the billionaire KKK are poisoning all Americans not just

Indians this time. Oh yeah, if you are against this genocide be sure

to vote this Nov. 4 or think up some excuse for your children and

grandchildren why you didn’t do anything when you could have. No

one’s child should have to drink fracked water or GMO foodstuffs.

Talking about food I have been

conscientiously choosing food without preservatives and locally-grown

vegetables. I know I have a long way to go but I’m lucky that

Rezberry’s resource management has venison and other natural meats

for the band member’s and manoomin (wild rice) too. So when I ate

Little Caesar’s Pizza I became violently ill, I will spare yooz the

gruesome details; you’re welcome. I believe it has come to the

point where items labeled as food fit for consumption are not

eeeeven! Yuck, just ish. However, I utterly refuse to give up

chocolate and certain other goodies but I do it in moderation.

Say! That is my life motto: “I

practice moderation in moderation.” I am incapable of being ‘good’

all the time. Bo-Ring! Gotta get out there and live it up yanno? No

apologies no regrets.

Last month was of course when the

latest Cobell checks came out. I called my Gramma Rose and when she

answered the phone I acted surprised and said ‘why aren’t you

sitting outside by the mailbox? ‘We laughed together and shared a

few stories about how Indians are great for spending other people up.

XD! C’mon ya’ll, yooz have either been spent up or spent up

someone else, admit it! LOL!!! I may have committed more than my

share but I’ve been on the other side too. Oh well. I was never

meant to be rich anyway.

I’m grateful for what I have, every


Twenty years ago in college I wrote a

piece about how humanity has a crucial decision to make: do we live

or do we die? If it was up to me a great big flood would be just fine

to rid our poor planet of all evils being done to her now in the name

of greed for money. Yet, despite my disgust I still have hope that

the right people at the right time will step up for our descendants

and theirs. I think ‘those people’ are us and voting is a


Vote. Cuz I said so.