It ain't easy being indian


My Dear Readers, first I’ll ask for your patience for this column. My thoughts and feelings have been mainly concerned with the upcoming presidential election next month, yet I’m having a slight difficulty at this time organizing my words into little rows that make the most sense. That being so, I ain’t gonna bother trying to…make entirely perfect sense. Why start now you ask? Yooz are right of course and so here I go, all stream of consciousness and as un-hysterically as I can be.

First things first, if you are a citizen of this great nation of ours you must vote. Yeah I said it. If you have never voted in an election before and think it does not matter anyway, tell that to your children and grandchildren who will approach you some time in the near future and ask you, "What happened? What about your pledge to the Seven Generations? I’m hungry, are there any scraps left from yesterday?"

I am not exaggerating at all. There were many times in my own life when I applied for temporary assistance and got it despite my self-perceived dignity being at stake. As a young mother I had to get real. I attended college full time, I had part-time employment in addition to being a single mother to my beloved son who would never have understood why he was cold and hungry.

I asked for help so I could feed my son and provide him with a home so that he could go to school and not be malnourished or underfed.

Yes, there are a lot of people who experienced situations similar to mine and never asked for help. To yooz I say congratulations, I’m happy for you. It will be a mark on your good side if yooz just understand enough to have empathy for those whom did not have that choice. Sometimes, like back in the 80’s before my son was born, it was really hard to find work (ever mind a good paying job). It was during the Reagan administration that I first encountered survival mode just to try and keep it together.

What I’m saying is that I think this presidential election is one of the most, no actually the most, critically important event that will happen in our lifetimes. What happens after November 6, 2012 – what you personally deem important is entirely up to yooz; make no mistake about that no matter who you vote for.

The Romney campaign has spewed a lot of hate, ignorance and blatant lies. This is mainly due to their constituent’s sense of entitlement to be de facto American royalty and those who support them, namely republican members of congress who have completely, insanely refused to work with the president instead of with him to the detriment of all Americans.

On that same thought, I’m really glad that their nominated presidential candidate showed his true colors when he talked about the 47% who will vote for President Obama again ‘no matter what’ in an ugly, racist, classist statement. Romney made me feel sick and angry but in no way was I surprised.

It’s out there now and the voters can decide at the polls which guy is the most qualified to be leader of the free world. And be a little serious folks, how can we Americans take anyone with a name like "Mitt" and not collapse into hysterical laughter? Really people? Really? That guy? Do please note that I am not attacking his religion. There are way more important things at stake here, for instance the reality of global warming that affects every being on this planet.

At this time and for longer than we know the Royal American 1% have been actively pouring billions of dollars into special interest groups to deliberately disenfranchise voters who are eligible but poor. "They" want us to give up, to not disrupt the centers of the powers that be so they can continue their short-sighted and extremely materially lavish lifestyles. Sheez, yanno? You can’t take it with you ennit?

If you choose not to vote, don’t come crying to me about how you thought everyone else who thinks like you was gonna vote. I sincerely hope that just even one person reading this will decide to be one of those American citizens who exercises their right to vote and will do so. Yeah I know. I have a big head. True, but I have an even bigger heart and real confidence it could happen.

Now g’wan then and get registered! Vote for your children’s future. I do believe it’s come to that.

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