It Ain't Easy Being Indian


ricey wild.jpgHere is ‘tis the season upon us

once again. This is not my favorite time of year because of all the

distraction of Christmas holiday shopping and of course Black Friday.

Ish. The zombies will be out trying to get deals on stuff, just

stuff. Stuff they already have at that; it’s my firm belief that we

Americans are being mind-controlled by massive yet shady

corporations. They work to get us to become super-consumers, becoming

only numbers tallied in quarterly sales reports. There is no day that

goes by that the DOW or NASDAQ isn’t mentioned as a barometer for

our nation’s health.

For the record I am a human being; I

am not merely a consumer.

Whew! It feels really good to get

that out! What is the deal with everything being counted is measured

by dollars? Like when there’s a natural disaster and the news

reports “A billion dollars of damages,” then focuses on people

who build again where their homes had been destroyed? How foolish.

Money stinks. Money kills. Whole countries are invaded for money. To

me money is an agreement that we make that it has meaning; when in

the end it cannot be eaten and really is just pieces of paper that

rule our lives.

Some could say that I am bitter

because I’m poor, yes in the way that the IRS takes over half my

take-home pay I’m mad, but having had to pinch pennies has helped

me realize my own worth as a person. I don’t believe that having

more stuff than Irma and Ira Indian down the road over there makes me

a better person; in fact it would be sad if I was convinced by this

materialistic culture that was so … these days I’m motivated to

do what I think is right and the experiences I have are priceless.

My beloved friend Melissa came to

get me last month to rally against the wolf hunt in Minnesota and

everywhere. We went way up north and joined other people who care and

are disgusted with the massacre taking place upon the wolf

population. I am physically sickened by the torture our wolf families

goes through being hunted and trapped by psychopathic people. And how

is a wolf hunt a ‘harvest?’ Who eats wolves?

The truth is that wolves keep deer

herds healthy, wolves don’t take more than they need and are the

fore-canine of our beloved dogs. I look at my Mitzi and I can’t

tell that her nearest relatives are okay to slaughter just because. I

imagined a pack of Mitzi’s being pursued by ‘hunters’ and her

wondering what she ever did to them? Why are they murdering her

family? So yes, I cried and vowed to make my voice and presence


The night before the road trip I

made a sign that read “Love your dawg? Hug a wolf.” I did it

freehand so it was kinda sloppy but the other protesters liked it

even though Melissa made some fun of it. My other sign said, “Humans

are the most dangerous breed.” People seemed to like that too even

though it was very sloppy, whatever, I got the point across. ;D I am

speaking up for those who cannot speak for themselves, that’s who I

am. I admire and keep friends like Melissa because she is aware and

compassionate and takes action; that’s who she is.

Our adventure took us on a beautiful

wintery cast day to go see our friend Denise. We caught up and for a

minute were back in Minneapolis again having a great time at the

clubs. The next morning I saw a digital sign above a gas station that

flashed “FREE WTF,” I told Melissa and then looked again closer.

It actually read FREE WIFI. ;D We laughed and laughed. It felt so

good to laugh at absurdities when this life is so very sad and

unpredictable but for me laughing is truly living!

Speaking of laughter I went to a

comedy night at the local tribal college to see Tito Ybarra and got a

bonus by meeting Jon Roberts; both them guy’s are from Red Lake

Reservation in Minnesota. Tito made the audience watch some 1491s

comedy/satire YouTube videos and made us laugh at our own selves and

our culture. I absolutely recommend yooz support these talented

tricksters and by all means go see their shows. I want to see some

Indian women go for it too-but not me, I am the worst joke-teller cuz

I am one of those annoying people who can’t remember the punch line

but laugh anyway. So my fine ladies, which of you are willing to take

the stage? I’ll help out with the writing.

Happy Solstice my people! I will

definitely celebrate that day. Love, laughter n hugs! Mwah!