It ain't easy being indian


he sleeping Tigress has awakened. I mean me. I found out in a definitive way that there’s more to life than having fun, or at least desperately trying to. It took a bonk on my head, literally, to come to this amazing revelation. So I am taking my own sage advice: "I practice moderation…in moderation." Well, we all gotta have some fun, right? And it’s not like I’m the only person who made a mistake which was totally out of character. While I was paging through the Bible I came across the quote: ‘Judge not, lest ye be judged." Wise words.

Like most people I’ve been following the Republican race for presidential nominee whether I want to or not, but I don’t mind cuz it’s providing me with many moments of hilarity. Michelle Bachman has become increasingly screechy and frantic and is now The Queen of De-Nial; even the Tea Party wants her to wrap it up and go home. How embarrassing! Hee hee! Now the Republicans are pitting Herman Cain (he’s black, anyone notice that? Interesting, ennit?) who is a former pizza maker against the Democratic incumbent, President Barack Obama who graduated from Harvard Law School. Really?! I snicker.

I wonder if the time of the Republican culture of cruelty, greed, corruption and environmental terrorism will soon be over. Observe the protesters of "Occupy Wall Street" movement that has gone global with even the Egyptian people supporting them! Wow! It took middle class Americans not being able to afford to sup their fancy Starbucks Grande’s every day. But hey, whatever, it worked and who cares at this point what the impetus was? Now there are thousands, if not millions, of angry white people in America’s streets with signs chanting that they are the 99% and mad as, um, heck. Actually it makes me a bit nervous; we Indians know all too well how savage their culture is.

But then, outrageous optimist that I am, I like to speculate that today’s white people are more willing to forsake white privilege for racial equality. AAAAAAH-Hahahhah HAH! I know! I just had to inject some humor to a very serious subject, ay? A-hem! We Indians would not still be here today if we did not have the DNA gift of humor, irony, wit and the ability to laugh despite the relentless hate and adversity from the dominant culture. Our ancestors survived and we will too.

All you Indian kids listen up! When I was young back in the Jurassic Age I was quite clueless and I thought that adults were just being bossy jerks who didn’t understand what life was really about; having one’s way in everything without censure. For your own sake’s turn off the video games and take time to really listen. There are a lot of Indian people whom are the driving force of change and positivity on our Turtle Island. Parents and teachers do not just say stuff off the top of their heads to annoy yooz; they have suffered ingrained cultural racism and survived it saying, "No more! We will not lose our Indian kid’s to violence, suicide, addiction or despair; not one more!" Well, that’s what I imagine they might say. Educators care deeply about where we 21st century Indians are going and want to pass on their knowledge so we continue to exist as Sovereign Nations. That’s important ennit? Now be still and behave, ignorance is not cool, ya fool.

Our new weapons for survival are education, awareness, activism and cultural learning. Elouise Cobell won a massive victory against the U.S. federal government and that did not happen by accident. This amazing Blackfeet woman accomplished this historic achievement through education, perseverance and a warrior’s spirit. What do you want to be remembered for?

Having said that I think the general U.S. population needs to get over the worship of sports stars, reality TV actors, anyone with no discernible talent except for being greedy, warped narcissists with blubbery behinds. Instead, pay our educators what they deserve in cash and respect. Teachers are a very rare, special breed and deserve much better than they receive. The brave souls who made the decision to educate are the real heroes, not the so-called ‘stars’, all of whom are overpaid. That’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it.

Last month a very wonderful woman whom I met when I first moved to the Big City passed on. Her name is Audrey Banks; she was an educator whether she was working in the schools or not. Audrey was a gentle spirit but was as strong as she needed to be, and to me she made it look easy…I have to use my powers for good and that’s why I pay humble tribute to her in my column. Giigawaabamin Ogichidakwe; see you later warrior woman. Miigwech. Thank you for making a positive difference in our world.

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