photo of ricey wild

By Ricey Wild

Both my arms hurt so badly. It really sucks getting old for me when I’ve already had 11 surgeries and I’m fearful of more. Plus I’m diabetic.

Okay that’s all I will complain about for now. I’m ready for lilacs, dandelions and blooming trees, and I am worried about the wood frogs because up here in Rezberry we have ice, snow on top of that, and here it is the end of April. Sheez. Really?

Whoops. More complaining. My bad. I still haven’t put away my heavy winter boots either cuz I just don’t know when we will be done with winter and all its hazards. It may be July before I do. Well, I understand now why some old folks are cranky cuz I’m turning into one. Blah.

Then there’s my tooth. I was happily crunching candy I had bought for my Gramma Rose. They were peppermint lozenges that are stale but I needed some sugar NOW, so I opened the bag and munched away until there was a particularly hard one which I ingested only to find out I ate part of my premolar. Lucky for me it didn’t hurt and I had a dental appointment two days later.

The dentist told me the tooth was worth saving and proceeded to work on it, but in doing so the entire rest of my tooth came out. Gah!!! She’s going to cap the molar right next to it and add a fake tooth in the place of the one I ate. I took the rest of my tooth home in a little container and forgot to put it under my pillow. I’ll do so and make a wish that 45 is impeached sooner rather than later and ya’ll are welcome for my sacrifice. I have big ole Chippewa Cheeks so my loss isn’t evident because it’s in my right lower jaw…but if you make me laugh? Hai!

A sweet lady named Margaret who works for Rezberry Clinic brought me to my appointments and asked me how was I doing? I replied that I sit home 99% of the time and am bored living like this, but in fact, I now prefer it this way. Last year I had my son, then my brother, and after that a friend living with me because they were homeless. The only male of all of them, my kitten Lenny Kravitz Shotley, is the only one who did not let me down.

The peace I enjoy now is delightful. Last year tore me up in ways I could never have imagine. But this year, I’m done with drama. I’m older, depressed and physically disabled. I don’t need anyone else’s traumatic situations to intrude on my well being. Just saying.

Another point is that we all need to treat each other with caring kindness because you don’t know what that person may be going through. There are millions of Facebook posts that say the same thing, but actually following through with compassion is the real. It seems silly but hugs matter. Watch out ya’ll!!! I’m gonna be the Hug Monster!

I’m so very grateful to be here in my Kwe cave and for my furry family. I thank the Creator every for the gifts I have, which are many. I have no one I see on a regular basis except my beloved Gramma Rose who will be 99-years-old this month on the 15th. She is still ‘all there’ but repeats she is getting dingy. LOL! Like we all don’t experience what she does – like walking into a room and wondering what she went in there for! Rose asked me to tell “Gramma’s Tales” so here is one. I was about 1-year-old and my cousin LuAnn was 6 months after me. She was playing with one of my toys that I didn’t care about except it was MINE! I hit a rocking chair in my possessive rage and it came back and knocked me down.

That memory always makes Rose laugh, and I do too because it’s KARMA and I now recognize it as such; I never set out to do wrong, ever. However, I do not put up with other’s drama cuz I have enough of my own despite my avoidance of it.

Wow. I just realized I’ve been imposing my own drama on ya’ll. Sorry for that, but sometimes it feels really good to unload. Blessings to you all!