It Ain’t Easy Being Indian – August 2019

photo of ricey wild

By Ricey Wild

Once upon a time a strange and frightful people came here in boats, thereby becoming the first boat people to these shores. Everything here was cool, we had everything we needed which was provided by the Creator. We gave thanks and prayers every day for the gifts we were given to live good lives. Life made sense back then. Sadly and horribly, nothing would or could be the same after the boat people arrived.

The boat people came ashore our eastern border of Turtle Island. They stunk, brought scurvy, lice, mites, and fatal diseases that we Indigenous People had no immunity to. Yet, we welcomed the smelly pink people and gave them food to eat, eventually teaching the Pinks how to farm, fish and survive in our own lands.

What has always galled me is how the pinks returned those life-saving gifts. There was no gratitude whatsoever, and it was very soon that the pinks began their genocidal program, meaning total annihilation of the original inhabitants and caretakers of these sacred lands. At first the invaders used sweet words in the treaties so that the leaders would okay with an ‘X’ that they would stay out of the colonizers way. Then more came and it was an ugly flood of immigrants who demanded more, more, and more.

Well children, maybe not in those words, ennit? The Pequot and their golden-skin neighbors had their own languages which were later banned and anyone speaking their own born-language were punished severely.

When the pinks had established colonies ships ran back and forth from England, Spain, Portugal and many other European countries who had run out of room and immigrated here for their nefarious purposes. (I LMAO when American history sez the ‘Pilgrims’ came here to seek religious freedom). Under this current occupation Indigenous People did not have the ‘right’ to practice our own spirituality until 1978. So pink of them, hah?

In the 500+ years since contact, the complete extermination of our existences is still in play. Make no mistake, we’ve been attacked on all sides so the pinks can complete their invasion of Turtle Island. The thing is, these lands were never meant for them to exploit; it is and will always be ours to protect and save for our children’s children. I hope that will happen in my granddaughter’s time. She will be four years old July 28. She comes from a family of women warriors who are the gentlest and wisest people on Earth…and the strongest.

So to continue…there are our collective Indigenous cuzzins who are locked in vile, horrific conditions on the order of the fake president and his corrupted cronies. I’ve cried almost every day for their being in literal concentration camps, and here a lot of “Muricans” are okay with their suffering.

They suffer due to what the CIA and FBI and many subversive organizations have done to their Meso-American countries by setting up puppet leaders for their own profit. Sound familiar? It should. Pinks say what a great country this is and how THEIR ancestral colonizers created it, for pink people. No. This has never been ‘your’ country, ever. IT WILL NEVER BE!

Yooz are living on Indigenous Lands so bow down and behave appropriately, instead of being all ignorant and selfish. Sigh. It was too much to ask in the beginning so why should they start now? Well, in accordance with their own laws they owe us back rent in the bazillions. Yet even the dollar that they worship will not be enough to save our planet. And the 1% don’t care. Wow.

They must have a backup to an Earth-like planet in 1st class. Leaving all the rest of us here to develop new cancers, disabilities and mental issues. Wherever will they go? I say we follow them and karma is there before us.

Children, I have a hard time thinking about our collective history here and have no answers except the obvious. I hurt every day with this blood trauma running through me. I also acknowledge the resilience that got us all this far. That is what I want to tap into, resilience and celebrating the fact WE ARE STILL HERE despite pinks denial and re-writing of history of this Turtle Island.

Go ‘ta bed now!

In my backyard: Milkweed and caterpillars are back, as are the Monarchs. It is spiritually heartening and I take that when I can get it. I hope yooz do too, take the moment off your phones and acknowledge those who share this bountiful world with us.
We have 18 months. It’s on my calendar.