photo of ricey wild


Happy VD all you Snags and Snagettes! Teasing yooz of course, but for real, be careful out there. Ya never know. Moi? I’m so done with my snagging days and I don’t miss it at all. (Ya’ll men are safe!) I had my fun and don’t need a partner to validate my being for anything. I have my own, I enjoy my freedom and I get to have my way all day. Me. Me. Me. LOL!

Of course, I did have some men who tried to contain me. Oh, I got some stories! One guy called me a ‘chicken head’ when I legitimately objected to something that pissed me off. Another swept his hand over my living room and asked “What is this?” (Dissing my furniture.) He was living with me and nothing in my home was his. I replied, “What do you got?” I escaped a man who hit me, the first time I thought it was an aberration; that he loved me like he said he did. The second time was when I looked into a mirror after he had punched me in my face and left me with a split lip. I sez to myself, I sez, “No one who loves someone would do this”. I left him and quickly booted the others out who became abusive.

To my dear lovely souls I want to say you are loved and deserve to be treated like the treasures you are. If you or someone you know is in a dangerous abusive situation there are good people out there to help you.

M’wah! Much love and support from Ricey.

I got to thinking about Valentines Day when just after Christmas there was VD candy already out. I really think February 14th is all about feeling bad if you’re not hooked up, and it doesn’t help when all your partnered friends post all these gifts they got from their S.O. Not that I begrudge them but I ask ‘why is one day a year dedicated to show love’? I say every day is a good one to tell someone you love them and that we as consumers are caught up in marketing that only benefit the wealthy. Think about it.

To the mates who are happy, yooz are blessed and I am happy for you both. M’wah!!! I’m just all kissy and huggy now.

Welp! I knew that feeling wasn’t going to last long.

Truth is that we are existing in an extremely precarious world where nothing is sure, strong or sane. There are people who wake daily surprised they didn’t wake up dead. We are all under attack by the powers that be and those powers have no compassion, empathy or willingness to do what is right for our collective common good. I believe there is something so heinous, devastating and corrupt going on behind the scenes and it will benefit no one but the 2% who apparently have hideyholes or another planet to move to, and destroy.

It is not me alone who thinks this way. There are a lot of Woke Folk who also are sounding the alarm and it’s time we look up from our screens to acknowledge what the clear and present dangers are. We don’t have to look any further than the White House to know what’s happening, where a clearly sociopath narcissist in is control. But what to do? Our elected officials trip over each other, clutching their pearls and keening that it is not them! Just elect them to another term in office and boy will they clean their act up! Well, we Woke Folk are not gonna put up with their lies any longer or ever again.

On the positive side there are more women running for office. We are 51% of the U.S. population and ready to act as seen by the recent Women’s March here and globally. I feel that with non-partisan partnerships we can bring the current horror in check, and then reverse it. There is abundant beauty in this world and in our own lifetimes we can act to preserve and protect it for our descendants. My Indigenous ancestors did what they had to keep our Mother Earth safe for us; how can we look into our children’s eyes and tell them we failed?

I cannot keep this all to myself like the good girl I used to be, in fact I refuse. My entire life has been damaged, as has my body, because I was taught that was not acceptable behavior, so I stuffed it. What happened to me was that I become cold and still when I’m at my most angry. Later on it comes out because I can’t take the lies and betrayal anymore and I com bust.

Not anymore. Never again. Truth.