photo of ricey wild

By Ricey Wild

I finally got to open the windows up in my cat-haired, dusty old house. Wood ticks have also returned and I found one on my dog Mitzi, and two were on me but I caught them before they latched on. Ick. With the pleasure of nice weather comes the danger because ticks can kill. It’s a warning for all you nature lovers, so layer up when you go in the woods or long grass. Just a PSA because I care!

There is a movie named “The Happening” with Matt Damon that is listed as an ‘eco-thriller’ and of course, I couldn’t pass that up even though I dislike Damon. The movie was about how a neurotoxin that was released by plant life caused mass suicides. The more concentrated the human population the worse it was but exposure to it got you killed anyway. It was really brutal and non-discriminatory.

At the end of the movie they had an interview with a scientist who said that it was the planet, our Earth, fighting back against human atrocities (my words). I like that. I also believe that’s what we are currently experiencing with all the unusual, deadly weather around the globe. Our Mother is so done with our using and abusing her, whether we acknowledge our individual carbon footprint or not.

I know there are masses of wonderful people who are working hard to bring to our attention to the fact that our capitalist way of living is unsustainable and will be the end of us. My heart goes out to all of yooz who make it your life’s work to help for the greater good of all. You are all in the fight of your lives against big oil and an incredibly corrupt government led by an illegally elected president. Here we are: Good vs. Evil and the fate of our species literally are in your hands.

Though I sit here peaceably right now, taking time to pet a cat, I am in this with you. I just have to find the best way to communicate my wrath at the administration and hope for our future. Armchair activism perhaps? I’ll give it all I got. Truth is, it’s all I have…a voice. Good thing for us that we all have one.

Geez. Then there are colonial oppression pieces that were called ‘art’ at the Walker Sculpture Garden in Minneapolis. “Saffold” is a replica of the gallows used to murder the Dakota 38+2; the largest mass hanging in American history. Guess who was the architect of that gruesome act? President Lincoln, yes, THAT president who is glorified by the writers of the invaders’ history. It fits right in with the hatred by white people against anyone not them; and their rants and raves, and their murdering of People of Color.

My optimistic soul wants to believe that the latest terrorist act was the worst and it won’t happen again, but it always does. Innocent people are being targeted simply for the color of their skin or religious beliefs. But that’s nothing new or surprising for us Indigenous People. That we have survived this long after the invasion is remarkable and it took every iota of courage we have.

Oh man, I am getting soooo worked up about this!!! I am hissing and spitting like a cat that goes all puffy! I snarl at those who think they are better than us because they have more money! Put that in a salad why dontcha! Grrrr. Their money is ill-gotten gains and they will come to realize that when they are in a bunker fighting over the last can of caviar. Some of us who get it will be eating fresh food and living in green housing, happy as can be.

There is a ways to go before we get to that serene place but there is a way. I’m always yelling WAKE UP!!! And I probably won’t stop until there is some semblance of natural order in our daily world. I’m very sure I’ve never lived what is called ‘normal’ and I’m not sure if I would fit. Or if I even want to for that matter. As individuals we are awesome, but gathered together in a common cause we are spectacular!

Happy Birthday to all my Gemini kin! I just had my birthday and it was fun but exhausting, I’m too ole for all that festivity nowadays. I had my time. I really want to go to the beach on Lake Superior, which is where my ancestors lived until we got stuffed onto a reservation that is 50% swampland. I want to pay my respects and honor the place that has sustained us to this day.

PS: The Walker Art Center is removing the gallows. We have to stay aware and Miigwech to those of you who made this happen.