It Ain’t Easy Being Indian – June 2019

photo of ricey wild

By Ricey Wild

Here we go into the summertime; powwows, trips, camping and whatever fish are worth catching. Tis the season for enjoying the outside especially for we whom are blanketed in cold eight months of the year, like this one. I’m practicing for when the real deal shows up by listening to Summer songs. Gotta buy a new outside chair because I busted up the old one.

So if yer gonna come see me in Rezberry to sit outside BYOC if you don’t wanna get splinters or ants in your pants. This means yes, I will be receiving visits, at a time yet to be determined. Well…let me rephrase that – c’mon over! I’m doing my best to be able to People again. Like A-Dulting as best I can given my predeliction for antics and shenanigans I thought I would have left behind by now. But I yam what I yam. Born to be Wild.

I know that like likes like. I like to laugh and have as much fun as I can in the moment. I bless my BFFs for being here for me and making life not sucky at all. LOL. I loves yooz and am grateful every day you are in my life. I wondered who I am and why after my beloved Gramma Rose passed, and they have supported me through a very difficult time in my life. I pray everyone has beautiful spirits in their lives. It seems they show up when you need them most.

Make new connections I say. I feel that we are going to need each other sooner than later and I am serious about that. What is happening yesterday is still now and we need to organize and work for our communal wellness. The alternative is we just give up and let it go. Now I know that isn’t on most peoples’ agenda so make the most of your social and cultural interactions. Get some cards made, ayyyy!!!

Okay I was trying not to repeat absurd Indianish metaphors but…use the ole moccasin network or smoke or snag signals. Ay! Or our current means of communication aka the inter-tribal web. Nay! Yooz know what I mean. Remember we are the originators of American Sign Language. Besides we have our own codes of acknowledgement of Indigenous ancestry. You know. Now get out and meet people you respect and want to be like.

Bond and re-bond. Introduce yourselves to the world.

Overheard: Cuz they kinda remind me of Paul Bunyan…where is that storage unit? Now I don’t have any keys to that. Every one has a little light under the door leave me the hell alone don’t even look at me. Go outside. Hey! It’s okay bork bork …hey…ay! I used to have a set something like this. Telling stories, not all make sense but we just go with it. We have very high standards for topics of conservation but we seem to always drift off topic. It makes for a fabulous time with Shirls with Lorri and just being ourselves improving on crazy stories.

Shirl said “Get to done!”

I’ve been thinking and praying hard for our collective existence as sentient creatures. Dunno if plankton is sentient but I still put down asema for their well-being. There is a massive event coming up and will need all of us to act in our best interests if we deserve to stay here on Turtle Island.

There are so many reasons to celebrate and more to put right. I’m off to The Old Town Road. I grew up next to a farm with horses and played Truth Dare Double Dare Promise or Repeat. I was already badass at 10 and got bucked offa Ginger the pregnant horse after choosing double dare and that has progressed to, “Well, if that didn’t kill me what will?” I just remembered we kids used to play in our neighbors haystacks not even caring there were snakes nesting there.

If that isn’t an unconscious assessment of where I am at this moment I dunno what is. I want to write about Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women. I was talking to my friend Daniel and I was wondering what to write about for June cuz so many topics were causing a ruckus in my mind. He told me to write my heart.

Lorri: What world? After I asked “what would you like the world most to know?’ Shirl: Every thought should be out there 7 generations…you are not isolated, what you do will have an impact. Ricey: Ya. I’m weirder than I thought. I appreciate me more than ever. That is why I seek out those of you who are original and whom can claim your space in this insanity.
It’s like my Unk Gene always used to say: Just golf. I miss you Unk.