photo of ricey wild

By Ricey Wild

So…does anyone care what I think? I said this on a Saturday night when my two cats and my dog, The Mitz, were staring at me askance. It was a as if I had called a furamily meeting and then forgot about it. Since moving to Rezberry my life expectancy has accelerated by 40 years. Not in wisdom, sad to say, but in bitter experience.

My therapist from 16 years ago said not everyone is suited for small town life. That would be me. Yet, I’ve endured for one reason only; my Gramma Rose. She is the sole reason I had a wonderful childhood and she still takes care of me, she told me she always will even unto the afterlife. She is 99.

So much astonishingly horrible events have happened recently that I’m overwhelmed by the criminal, projectile-puking antics of 45 – I can’t even. Really though, I’m at a loss for words and how to go on. And I read the Scrabble Dictionary! I feel like I got the wind knocked out of me when I begin to try and process the infamy and treason that has been de facto tolerated because 45 is a republican, per se (BH). Per se means you have no credentials to practice law in a state where you didn’t pass the LSAT. But I digress.

Mueller best get on with his Grand Jury and a random lynch mob to dispose of 45 by any means necessary. 45 is a sick, twisted beast who must end his days in the Gotham Insanity Receptacle. Or white man’s hell – that works, too. I hope he ends up scrubbing menstrual undergarments. Is it just me?

It’s just like my Unk Gene used to say: you don’t have to be a fool to know one.

“It’s like a jungle sometimes I wonder how I keep from going under”, “don’t push me cuz I’m close to the edge I’m tryin’ not to lose my head,” GrandMaster Flash & The Furious Five. Yeah right, I am Old School and proud to be so. IMHO these verses were the original resistance lyrics.

The current hyper-hate we are experiencing now against we non-white people is nothing new. But now we have history on how to counter it and decades of resistance that we learned in the courts and streets. We have won many times using the laws they used to oppress us. In other words, we are gonna Jam On It! Wiki wiki wiki….

In other news, may I quote the Goddess Maya Angelou? She said when someone shows you who they are, believe them. I feel so nauseous and anxious anytime I see/read about 45 and his heinous acts that I wanna hurl chunks. I know there are legions of others who feel like I do about him and his illegitimate presidency. But I want to know –as in conspiracy theory – how this came to be? I’m for real.

I’ve come to realize that someone who set them-selves up to be the epitome of morality was, in fact, a pedophile. And that situation has traumatized me to no end. So, I wonder why 45 has gotten away with so much vile, evil acts against Earth and people and no one has yet cut off his little fingers? I’m not calling for his imminent demise, no, I would rather write to him while he’s living out his last days in a gulag. One can wish; ennit?

“So Glad You Ain’t Here” Love, Turtle Island. For the record Ima gonna sit tight until I have to push my walker into Nazi traffic. Check history and read where Hitler read about how the United States of America created the genocide of the Original People of Turtle Island. The genocide of Indigenous Peoples of the ‘Americas’ by European colonists is the most devastating in all known history. I’m asking as a friend. You wanna be open and informed? This is a good start.

I want you to know I live with this trauma every day, waking and sleeping and I have no control over it. White people in every interaction, be it seconds, have let me know I’m not accepted nor wanted – like an embarrassing relative who was not invited to the open party. I’m not the only one.

No pity party here folks, just stating the truth as I know it to be.

With that, I want the white people who stood up for humanity know that I saw you. I SAW YOU. It feels really good. I and a lot of non-whites appreciate your stance against hate and racism. I also see that women are at the forefront of causes against hate and the victims of it.

I love you my Sisters and I won’t ever forget your sacrifice bringing attention to hateful actions that you died for, even though that need never have happened.