It Ain’t Easy Being Indian – September 2021

photo of ricey wild

By Ricey Wild

So I’m sitting here and wondering; How did we get here? Kinda like a rock that hit shore and ended up in someones’ pocket for nostalgia. Sort of. I remember reading that actions have reactions (dah!), so here I sit watching the world’s reactions to the collective damage we have done. I can blame myself until the raccoons come home but I prefer to eviscerate all corrupt governments, which they all are.

So anyways, I was rolling about my house and my walker was making weird sounds. If it was a car, I would have checked the Injun light. Mildly puzzled, I saw that the front wheels were all choked up with gunk. “Now where did that come from?” I sez to me. Then I looked about for the offending matter, and here it turns out it came off the floor! I was appalled! My helper had not come by for two weeks and stuff here got a bit sticky.

It was not her fault, someone was supposed to call me and let me know. Someone left a ghost voice mail on my non-existent voice mail. Sigh. However, I gave up after a nurse visit and the next day I made an appointment with my provider because I cannot go on the way I am now. Oh, I still have my sass and silly cynicism, but my body? Naw.

I do try to not complain about my physical limitations but I still do, to whomever I can capture with my woes. Turns out I’m not the only person suffering such pains, oh no! When I talk about my trials and tribulations, then they tell me about theirs! *eye roll*. Well, then I’m not such bad company at all. Sorry that I can’t relate anything funny; it’s just not there.

Truth is I am watching the fall of an empire in which I reside. That is a given. My heart does go out to the Water Protectors and Warriors for healthy lands to support good people, meaning us, not the U.S. The American Experiment had no good years at all. It took genocide and slavery to build up a white man’s fantasy globe, wherein they are the masters of all.

Like, all of what? Ya mean that toilet paper with numbers on them? When everything good is extinct will they chew money with hoarded red wine vinegar? Just wondering. I want them to stay in their little stank holes and just maybe…regret their capitalistic religions. (hahahhhaahhahaaaa!!!!) I hope they like SPAM. As for myself, I had wanted to be cremated but now I want to die on an ice flo for polar bears to eat. Cycle of life, ennit?

Speaking of the cycle of life my granddaughter Dani had her 6th birthday and is excited about going back to school. Her voice is a delight to me, her presence is a gift to all who know her. Ya, I am well aware of yooz adorable, amazing grand babies but this one is mine. I can’t wait to hold her in my arms again. She is the One.

It is for her and her sister that I fight on for when nothing else could make me think otherwise. Both are beautiful Indigenous girls who will grow into their powers. When I was about seven years old I was in a parade in Duluth, MN, wearing a borrowed tanned dress and mocs. I did not want to take it off; I remember clearly standing on the hill we lived on and looking at Lake Superior, my ancestral land. I knew the ancestors were there with me in the moment.

They are why I am, and have wicked plans to decimate white supremacy as it is and will pass on with a smug smile on my face. Because, y’all didn’t win: WE ARE STILL HERE.
Big talk? Sure. But look what the Taliban have done to three so-called super powers. I laugh. In fact, while I don’t share their ideals I applaud their resistance to western so-called democracy. Think of me what you will, empirical aspirations and domination don’t last.

I apologize, this is in my head right now as I listen to crickets on the Rez. It is a beautiful, calm August night and I am blessed to be on my Rezberry. I am gonna try and focus on the good that is still left us. Ya, but there are humans out there who wanna mess with that. Let them.

You know who you are ennit? That is what we need right now, people speaking up, some of whom were too timid to do so before. I have a lot of friends who are doing that right now just by having gardens. BTW-I love zucchini.