It Ain’t Easy Being Indian – January 2020

photo of ricey wild

By Ricey Wild

Whatta past year, ennit? I really hope that yooz all was much better than mine. I have survived it as yet. And yet, silly me, I am looking forward to this new year in white people’s time calendar and praying for the best for all of us. I celebrate ancient Indigenous ceremonial astronomical events like the solstices, planet, solar and moon times. I honor and pray for the Sacred Circle of life as we know it.

That being said; I pray us all a happy, healthy and fortunate New Solstice yearly transit. The days will soon become incrementally longer and those of us who reside in the harsh northern climes will be able to open our windows in six months or so. I think we appreciate the warmer days more than anyone who does not live up here. I mean, if we didn’t have the weather to talk about, what’s left? Each other? 😉

So, I have no NewYear’s resolutions other than to quit breaking myself up into pieces, literally. My friends have recommended I wear a helmet, arm and knee pads, plus wrapping myself in bubble wrap. I prefer the latter. Of course, my attire will be madly fantastic, glamourous and imitated by the Glitterati. In addition, Ima finally write that book. There was no way I could attempt to publish it until my beloved Gram Rose passed on. This is not a threat, it’s a promise.

I already have the title: You ain’ta gonna kick’a ME! It comes from the story of when I was living with my grandparents. My Gram said to me, “Oh I get a kick out of you!” I crossed my chubby little four-year-old arms and sassed her that she wasn’t ‘gonna kick-a me!’ She loved that story and laughed every time she told it to me. Of course, I internalized it and to this day, and I live it.

There have been many times I let B.S. go, just because the fight wasn’t worth my time, attention or money. Way too much unnecessary stress. Yet, when I do, consider the cause is worthy? WACHA! My other side comes out in tsunamic, devastating force. I like that about me, those on the receiving end not so much. The pen is mightier than the sword.

Well, enough about me; how about yooz? Except for fb I have limited contact with the outside world because I’m literally homebound. Like, I can’t leave my home without a really good reason. My entire social life consists of going to medical appointments and my as yet-to-be personal grocery shopping. Cripes! I just lost like 200 profound, mind-bending and amazing words cuz I’m still writing with my right hand only. Oh well.

I’m worried about all of us living in this current insane eco-geo-socio-political world we live in. I don’t feel alone in thinking this way, I know that many other woke folk see the consequences for everyone, not only on this hemisphere should we allow another stolen election. For the future of all sentient beings on this little, plentiful planet this cannot come to be. I am sick of blaming 45 for all the horror, I blame those who support his/their genocidal agenda.

One thing I do know is that there are more brown and black people than there are pink ones, that Pinks are deathly afraid of all of us uniting and organizing to take them out of power; permanently. Worse – that we will make them pay for their sins against humanity, even those with the same appearance as their own. Read European history, it’s all about warring. And they had the gall and density to name us as savages.

Organized religions are to be dissolved first. Yes. Then the ludicrous lines of man-made nations that divide us. After that and crucial for our survival: get rid of capitalism forever. It is not a model for what we call humanity to follow or blindly believe in. I feel the truth of the matter is that we all need each other to survive, not let billionaires thrive and then throwing out pennies to the homeless, destitute, and socially ostracized for our skin color or financial means or lack thereof.

This is what I’m thinking as we transition into our alleged ‘New Year’. In the words of the immortal Janis Joplin, “It’s all the same f’n day, ma-an!”

Life is a circle, that is why the circle and spiral (the universe) is so sacred to Indigenous People worldwide. Yet I believe we can stop in our tracks and say, ‘enough of that evil!’, backtrack a few steps and then dance forward.

I beg yooz to not feel helpless and that your presence doesn’t make any difference. YOU are important. Speak up, show up! That, or tell your grandchildren why you didn’t bother.