CD REVIEW: All One Struggle is cultural identity and individual autonomy


resistance cultural cd.jpgResistant Culture: All One Struggle

It’s raining outside but I’m dressed and riding, and I’m out here bumpin’ to the Resistant Culture CD All One Struggle. Their promo says “Resistant Culture is. . .tribal music that has weaved the indigenous flute, rattle, tribal drum and chant into an organic and flowing tapestry with extreme contemporary punk and metal.” In their own words RC refers to their self-created sub genre as “tribal grind crust.” It is reminiscent of Henry Rollins and Black Flag at the height of their first national road tour.

The band line-up consists of the founding member and vocalist Anthony Rezhawk who growls more than sings the culturally referenced lyrics that are backed by hard and fast rhythms played with precision.

Interestingly, the guitarist, Katina is a classically trained musician

who rocks as good as she wants and can hang with the best of her male

counter parts. This style of music relies on the dynamics of a bass

player and drummer who can keep up the driving energy like disgruntled

machines over-running people and their mundane lives.

Rafa on bass thunders like he means it, while Ben Axiom is solid on

drums. I am impressed at the creativity required of musicians moving

into a style that brings the politics of survival to an audience that

probably doesn’t come in contact with these kinds of


You will need to work at it if you’re going to get it. Otherwise go

home and listen to your ABBA eight tracks. Cross-generational,

multi-genre virtuosic versatility is the demand of the times. If you

work it, you will be rewarded with the lyrical gems that lie in the

debris and chaos of RC’s post-modern, anti-commercial, jet liner

decibel level. Just like our parents probably objected to the grease

and hips of Elvis, or the hair and boots of the Beatles, some will not

get this sound.

The first trac Beneath The Concrete is an apocalyptic message about how

mother earth cannot be destroyed and will once again rise to cover the

earth in green that includes a traditional tribal chant. It uses a rain

stick rattle segue to the next trac Life Givers which is a song of

respecting women and certainly not the type of sentiment that is so

prevalent these days.

The title trac All One Struggle states “an injury to one is an injury

to all no more separatism all one struggle” which recognizes that

regardless of one’s place in the universe we are all connected in our

struggle for survival.

The song Animal Nations pays homage to our four legged, two legged,

winged and finned relations. A couple of songs on this CD could be

considered a call for a vegan/vegetarian life style or more humane

treatment in our food gathering procedures. It seems unusual, if not

unique, given the overall thrashing sound of the music.

A wolf howl sound byte segues to the following trac Community, a song

that speaks about how we can all survive with dignity if we come

together in community and learn to respect the sanctity of each

individual. These guys are not fascist hate mongers dressed up in rock

and roll. Quite the contrary they are very pro-living, cultural

identity and individual autonomy.

The trac Warning Civilization Ahead provides us with some dark humor

that asks us to question the concept of something that is assumed by

the dominant culture. You call it civilization when we can over run a

foreign country under false pretenses? Hell, that’s as ancient, brutal

and savage as anything we’ve seen in recent history.

I particularly enjoy the lyric of the song Stagnation, “lessons learned

the hard way, never forget your failure is your success if you grow

from it.” This is important and potent advice. Stagnation is followed

by Rise Above Despair, a lyric that tells us to “sever yourself from

hatred, rise above despair.”

One of these days I’m gonna load my trailer with my tent, sleeping bag

and fishing pole, start rolling and get myself free, discard the laws

of man and learn to live according to the laws of the land.

Until I get there, I will resist with every ounce of my breath the

domination and injustice of this society, cloaked snuggly in the beauty

of my culture and rise above the despair.  Let’s Rock!

For more info see: www.myspace/resistantculture.

Jamison Mahto, Spirit Bear Productions

Rezz Dogg Reviews,