Letter to the Editor



My name is Victoria LaPoe and I’m Cherokee and a Ph.D. candidate at Louisiana State University. My dissertation research is on American Indian media and the coverage of American Indians in mainstream versus American Indian press. I would like to interview American Indians about this research. Names would be kept confidential, if the participant would like.

My interest is to speak to three generations back, if possible. Essentially, I would like to speak with an interviewee, his/her parent and then his/her grandparent to see if and how media is changing the dissemination of information.

For example, my Grandfather, who is Cherokee and did not go to what would be considered by most a "formal" school, goes online to chat rooms and speaks to other Cherokees in Tsalagi. My grandpa was born in 1934 so I think this is pretty amazing that he taught himself the computer and found chat rooms, etc.

This project, if interested, would share the stories with you/or your organization so that you can save them or put them on your web page. The interview wouldn’t take long and could be done in person, by phone or via email.

If you would be willing to be interviewed, I would be very appreciative! I would really love to have a balance of information from those who live on and off a reservation so that I have a more representative sample. Thanks again for your time!

Victoria LaPoe

Email: vlapoe@gmail.com, Cell: 502-500-8472