It Ain’t Easy Being Indian – April 2020

photo of ricey wild

By Ricey Wild

Welcome to the New World Order. Interesting times we live in now, ennit? Global citizens are battling a viral pandemic that we cannot see, hear, feel or smell. Life as we knew it, and it wasn’t all that great for we poor people, is now changed forever due to COVID-19, the Rona. Here in the United States of America we are leaderless and left to deal with this novel coronavirus on our own, with some help from our state’s governors.

Fact: the one person whom we could have looked to for some direction and comfort is the worst creature at this time when we need an intelligent, compassionate, science-believing person. But noo! We have a “leader” whose only concern is the stock market and corporate businesses, who already pay no taxes and want a bailout. Enough of that Orange Demon for now. Remember this in November, when we vote him out and into his ignomious place in history.

Like many people, I’ve been stuck on my couch watching TV and seeing too many “BREAKING NEWS” stories. I’m like, “Now what fresh Hell is this?!” Gads! Talk about mass misinformation via the White House podium and Facebook, and then the resulting hysteria by people who have never had to deal with something like this deadly viral illness. Indigenous people know all too well about immigrant-borne foreign diseases like Smallpox that decimated our ancestors because we had no natural immunity.

These days everyone knows what it’s like to be us.

I take no pleasure in writing that. However, I cannot look away from this horrific train wreck that has already taken so many people’s lives – if it had been anticipated and prepared for it may not have been so deadly. Now the so-called politicians are biting each others heads off and Republicans are saying that your grandmother, grandfather and other health compromised family members and friends lives are acceptable collateral for the sake of the U.S. economy.

Sigh. I’m so sad. As for myself, my daily life has not changed much at all since I’ve been house-bound since late November. Still, now that I am able to go out and about, I can’t. LOL! I see now that I’ve been preparing, however unknowingly, for quarantine. Because I live on a very (very) limited income, I buy my household and pet supplies online for delivery, and I can’t carry big or heavy stuff myself.

For other needed supplies I have friends who help me out (Miigwech Robert K!) and my Unk, who gifted me with moose meat, manoomin and *drum roll* a roll of TP! I literally cried, saying, “You love me! You really love me!”

Even though we have to practice “social distancing”, its nothing new to me, it is now in this most dire of times that we need to care for one another as best we can. In the absence of national direction that only cares for money. And most importantly, toilet paper.

Now I don’t pretend to be any kind of prophet but someone who loves me from beyond has directed my recent actions because they love me and want me to be secure and safe as I can be. I pray that for all of you and your loved ones. I betchu no one is laughing now at my paper hoarding and reluctance to socialize.

There is an online group named “Social Distancing Powwow” that posted a call for Jingle Dress Dancers to dance to heal the people and rid us of this virus and, if I may, return us to the ways of living that are sustainable on this Turtle Island. If any non-Indigenous people who want to live with the Earth and not just on it, this is your opportunity to prove it. Activate for climate change, begin gardening, know your needs not just your wants.

The New World Order is clutching their pearls right now in fear of losing the corrupt money they believe makes them better than everyone else who has a right to be here on this planet. Capitalism is dead, YO! These days everyone is a socialist. Think about that.
I pray you all well and healthy. The only way we’re gonna get through this pandemic is together, but apart!

Love, Ricey