It Aint Easy Being Indian – April 2023

photo of ricey wild

By Ricey Wild

First off, I apologize for my previous March 2023 column for the awful weather that has devastated many thou- sands of people recently in California. After the years-long drought they got it all in days and have suffered, some people also died. I was only thinking Californians were wusses compared to Minnesota, only to see their dire circumstances in real time. Then came the Memphis, TN tornadoes.

Does anyone see a pattern here or is it just my mad mind? Don’t answer that. Many people of privilege don’t even consider that they may be affected, especially the ultra-ugly wealthy people. Most already have plans for escape so as not to be held accountable. Ish!!! Enough of that, hey?

What I do know is that there are sacred seed-keepers who don’t think about only their own butts and have stepped up to the illness of this time and place. I hold those people in my heart as heroes and spirits of our ancestors. Think about it; they didn’t get all of us physically, nor can they take away our spirituality and our will to live for our descendants.

Hmm. I sound so preachy! My bad! I usually (as intended) live very quietly, so much so that if I venture beyond my doorway I feel like some folks give me applause. Yes, it has come to that. I did get out this past Saturday but only because I had a $200 check to cash. It came at the exactly right time Chii Miigwech Miz Cat. I am not a money manager but thus far I’ve been lucky. I also went to what used to be a very squalid bar that the worst drunks in town owned as their space to be awful. My kinda people yo! You gotta be very stupid to get 89’ed from such establishments, yanno.

Any howz, I played some pull-tabs, was able to walk out with all my chins held high. Nayyy!!! I bought some frozen pizzas so no one had to cook. I have lost my knack for down-home meals so much so I baked and ruined a beautiful hen and I’m still mad 5 months later. Microwaves? I’m a pro. Or eggs, I love eating eggs. Good protein.

Up here in Rezberry the snow packs refuse to leave but when they actually do it’s very dramatic, we rez-indents hear a strange ‘Shfff’ and then more snow is off the roof. And I was wishing for dandelions to appear by now. Dandys are edible and I’ve seen some recipes for the entire plant. They are NOT weeds! (I wish I knew how to make wine). I have not put any chemicals on what passes as a lawn so I know they will be somewhat safe and edible.

The point is I’m excited when they show their beauty, then I know some- how that things will be alright. Just wait until I get on my dragonfly and butterfly rants. We need our Bees more than ever. Hmm…seems like the only flies I don’t like actively try to either eat or poo on my food. Them’s fightin’ words (actions)!

The USA has to get offa Turtle Island. I’m fairly certain that our ancestors did- n’t think that it would go so far and every broken treaty. We will have to do a lot of smudging to say the least.

I’m not in a bad mood at all but when I remember these atrocities? Oh, naw, huh aw! The collective Indigenous trauma we have been victim to? We emerge as victors, warriors all!!!

Otherwise, how are we ‘still here’ my family? That’s right! There are no bigger badder strong people than we are and we’ll still be here like we always were.

Well, I’m flying my Indigenous Flag today and all days before and after. I dunno what changed, but I read that five planets will be aligned tonight. Let me know how that goes cuz I will surely be in bed by then. I’m old yanno.

I’ve been threatening to go outside. This is your notification. Yikes! Next week I have an appointment at the clinic to determine whether I live or have a slow, disappointing death. I’m ambivalent. My self-obit is not yet finished due to confusing circumstances. So, no, not a lot of drama going on up here in the tundra of little town victims.


W’all…it isn’t bad at all, living here on what my ancestors were able to bargain for the sake of their people, their families and to continue as clans. I feel my ancestors daily. I have even heard them. Btw-yooz ones who try to scare me?!


NOT! Should you ever get “WOKE’ we are here for you. Happy Purrday to my Son, 35 years!!!!!