It Ain’t Easy Being Indian – August 2021

photo of ricey wild

By Ricey Wild

Besides the really horrible apocalyptic dreams I’ve been suffering, there is also a theme of ‘getting away’. Like most global citizens of this little blue orb, I’ve been locked down because of Covid-19. Last year the virus got serious and no one knew what to do to keep oneself, and those around you, safe .

Ya, I know none of the above is news to anyone except Faux News viewers. I am physically active in the dream state and even KNOW that I’m dreaming. I kick, I have conversations and kinda remember most of them, my alter-state of being in another plane of existence. Some experiences have lately terrified me because they were real as it gets.

Recently I woke up screaming and kicking three times in one night. I was very ill and just wanted it all to stop. No details now, it only has to be me that knows – but I have shared it with two, oh, maybe three people.

So anyhoo, in a more recent dream I’m packing to go back to London with my son and all of a sudden we are in a casino hotel and breakfast buffet is over. I really wanted a fresh, warm cinnamon roll but, oh well. There were very few slot machines that I wanted to donate to that were open. Then we have to get back to the States, and as we pack I realize I have to smuggle a few cats back with us! No one gets left behind!

As I struggle with impossibility, I remember to get the soap that comes with the room. Ya never know, ennit? After all, it wasn’t free. Then I could not wait to book another trip there. Why? I dunno. I like Mexico better.

So most of my dreams are about escaping and here I sit. Last year, July 4, I did have an invite to my friend’s family party. I declined. and because I don’t celebrate that date at all I stayed home, only to shatter my left ankle. I was trying to capture my cat Purrince – so he didn’t get out and get run over like his brother The RZA did.

My point being is that I didn’t miss out on much, being in a wheelchair at home in a pandemic. I was still mourning my Gramma Rose and trying to get beyond the absurd relationship that happened just after she died. Almost there. Miigwech.

What I missed was dancing without missing a beat, and not being afraid of falling down and ending up in hospital. Now I’m feeling all sorry for myself! Ayy!! My condition is not simply getting older, although that is a big part of it. I wanna be able again and that is not gonna happen, ever again in this lifetime.

I thought that walking everywhere in the Big City and waiting tables would help me poor ole bones. Nope. But I digress. Just last night in my dream, I stole a 727 size airplane and took hostages. Some I invited and some just budged their way in.

So I’m flying this plane with limited sight and complete ignorance of how to steer it. I did see fireworks in the sky and told my passengers “Let’s go over there.” I also went through what appeared to be wormholes and came out the other side without singeing a wing.

Eventually the jet fuel was low so I landed and said they may not charge me with any crimes, so I left the plane where it could be found. I took my cats and dogs with me. Still free thus far despite felony theft in that alter-world, but they may get me yet. One step ahead of the law, as per usual.

That was fun but I am apprehensive of what happens over dere now. Fact is in this moment I am enjoying air conditioning, sitting in me draws with my Fuzz-Butt family chilling with me.

However, dark, smoggy days have been over Rezberry in the past week, blurring the sun’s rays and keeping us mostly cool. Wildfires are wreaking havoc upon our homelands. I mourn the devastation to all sentient beings losing their home. I have been worried about Sasquatch too, but they live deep underground and are safe.

The rest of us not so much. Gads, I wish I could write something amusing about our collective state of being, but I got nothing. Nope, nada, gaawiin!!! We are living in interesting times that came from our general acceptance of the gas-lighting of what scientists have been screaming about for decades: Climate change and global warming is real.

The thing is, we can halt the deadly effects to mitigate our extinction. My thing is, despite being an experiment we have failed. No “A” for this insanity.

Miigwech for letting me rant. Been a long time coming. I will complain about being Indian next month I promise.