Letters: Welcome Back to MPS Native Families


It’s hard to believe we’re

approaching yet another school year here in Minneapolis. Native

families will spend this month scrambling to hold onto remnants of

summer living while preparing their children for focusing on their


As the Family Engagement Coordinator

for Minneapolis Indian Education, I would like to extend an

invitation to connect with me about ways to help our children be

successful in school. I’m a Minneapolis parent myself.  I

don’t claim to have all the answers, but I have a solid

understanding of how Minneapolis Public Schools work.

On behalf of the Minneapolis Indian

Education Department, I would like to extend the opportunity to

connect with me as the Family & Community Engagement Coordinator

to make your child’s school year successful. Being at school is far

more important for our Native students than their non-Native

counterparts. There is data that shows that in order to be successful

in school and graduate on time, Native families must make it a

priority to be in school on time every day. There are many community

resources to support you make attendance a top priority. The Division

of Indian Work, one of our community partners works with students at

Anishinabe Academy in the Be At School program, as well as the Check

& Connect project mentors who provide practices to support their

consistent attendance. Please feel free to connect with these

resources at Anishinabe Academy.

Another exciting offering this year is

Middle Schools with 10 or more Native students in their school will

have Native student groups that meet weekly to learn more about

Native culture and history, as well as meeting their fellow students

in the school. Families in Middle School, check with your school’s

Family Engagement Liaison to learn more about when these Native

student groups meet.

The Minneapolis Indian Education Parent

Committee will also be hosting our Fall Gathering sometime in

October. We will once again be offering informational sessions along

with educational activities for the students who attend. Lunch &

door prizes will also be available. Last year, we had craft

activities with the students as well as our portable planetarium so

students could experience star stories.

I encourage you to reach out to me as

we gear up for a new academic year in Minneapolis. Like our Facebook

page www.facebook.com/mps.indianed

Please feel free to contact me at the

Indian Education Department at 612-668-0612 or via email at

deanna.standingcloud@mpls.k12.mn.us I look forward to working with

you this year!


Deanna StandingCloud