Weekend Calendar: Nov. 1-2


Nov. 1

11th Annual Gathering for Our Children

& Returning Adoptees Powwow

Emcee: Jerry Dearly; Arena Directors:

Windy Downwind and Kirk Crow Shoe; Host Drum: Maza Kute; Color Guard:

Sisseton Wahpeton Dakota Kit Fox Society.

Grand Entry, 1 p.m.; Wablenica

Ceremony: The Wablenica Olowan (Orphan Song) will be sung for those

returning adoptees and fostered individuals and their families. A

ceremony will be offered to heal the grief caused by separation from

family and heritage. Feast, 5 p.m.; Kwatsan (Quechan) Bird Singer,

6-7 p.m.; Grand Entry, 7 p.m., a special honor song and recognition

for our young relatives who have experience foster care.

This pow wow is a celebration our

community’s strengths. As we continue to gather and acknowledge the

strengths of our families, we heal from the intergenerational trauma

within our extended family systems. As our families and communities

heal we are better able to adopt and foster our Native children.

Sponsored by: First Nations Repatriation Institute; Division of

Indian Work; Indigenous Women’s Life Net; Hennepin County; Bois

Forte Urban Office; Department of Human Services

Event is free and open to the public.

Minneapolis American Indian Center, 1530 E. Franklin Ave.,

Minneapolis, MN. For vendor information, call Tina Knafla at

612-348-9662. For general information, contact Sandra White Hawk, at

651-442-4872 or email

sandywhitehawk@gmail.com or Jacque Wilson at

612-871-6618 or email


Nov. 2

No Honor in Racism Rally

Join us as we protect our children and

future generations from the racist imagery and mascot of the

Washington football team. Please invite all friends and family. We

hope to see you there.

Gathering at the 10 a.m., Tribal

Nations Plaza at TCF Stadium, 420 SE 23rd St., Minneapolis, MN. For

more information, call the National Coalition Against Racism in

Sports and Media at the American Indian Movement Interpretive Center

at 612-886-2107 or email


Nov. 2

#NotYourMascot Rally

Join grassroots efforts to march

against the use of the culturally offensive Washington mascot and to

end the use of a racial slur by the Washington team. The Minnesota

Vikings and The Washington team will be playing at the U of M at

noon. Supported by: Protect Our Manoomin; Idle No More Twin-Cities,

Minnesota; AIM of Twin Cities & AIM Patrol of Minneapolis;

“United Urban Warrior Society”; Twin Cities Save the Kids;

IdleNoMore Wisconsin; OccupyMN; March Against Corruption; Institute

for Critical Animal Studies, North America; Minnesota Two Spirit

Society; #NotYourMascot

8:30 a.m., 1845 E. Franklin Ave.,

Minneapolis, MN. For more information, visit


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