It Ain’t Easy Being Indian – April 2024

photo of ricey wild

By Ricey Wild

As I sat in my chair (throne, actually)I heard periodic thumps like a car door being shut. I looked outside but nothing! Turns out it is snow clumps falling off my home’s roof in the sunshine. That made me happy. Up here in Rezberry we had a terrible winter in that there was little to no snow and that bothers me. I remember 2012 when after a light winter there was a drought and then flooding directly due to climate change.

I try not to project disaster or destruction but that is where we are headed because big corporations are sick with greed and have their bunkers to lurk in while the rest of humanity struggles with famine and wars. Am I bitter? You bet your finest moccasins I am! This could have all been avoided if they let Indigenous People be, caring for the lands The Creator gifted us with. Well, here we are now having no recourse but to attempt to minimize natural disaters (LOL! As if!) Naw, it will be about getting a canoe, protecting fresh water sources and a whole lotta praying. Humanity has some splainin to do. I know of ‘preppers’ who have stockpiling Spam and other non-perishables. But for myself, I’m disgusted by this world we live in, even though I benefit from it. What can I do? I mean really.

Recycling for sure. And reusing what I call “good garbage” is what I can do personally and my carbon footprint is minimal these days, with no vehicle to pollute but I have done my share. I miss having a car for my independence. We are all so entitled and oblivious so as to fulfill our own wants. Needs are different, as a community we all have them but please, let’s do it in a sustainable way!

Wowza! Did yooz ever get such a scolding from ole Ricey! Truth is I know there are many more good people who care and continue the good fight. Chii miigwech (Thank you very much). So back to the snowfall. Rezberry and the surrounding communities that got some just recently. We needed it. Think of the crops we depend on for sustenance, the manoomin (wild rice) that need water to flourish and the fauna who depend on it too so we can have a hunting season to last out the next winter. HO-LAY! I’m really ranting here. Again, I’m not worried about my old hide, I worry about the generations who need us to act right and those to come. Mitigation is all that is left now.

As for my wicked self, I have become an internet voyeur. Yes, yes, since I thankfully don’t have much going on these days I have turned to YouTube for vicarious entertainment. I am horrified about how some people treat others, but the bad ones get their Karmic due. Favorites are paranormal stories and cryptids (not so much anymore because I have issues living in the woods) and of course, politics. Those who do not vote, fear my wrath! The pubic servants who were voted into office – work for US!!!

I also follow psychics, mediums and tarot readers. They are why I was so excited for the March 25 lunar eclipse. I did forget to put out a jar for moon water, but oh well. There is a solar eclipse coming April 8th so things are about to get shook up (I am rubbing my skinny hands in gleeful anticipation). The fact that two geriatric pink men are their parties nominees has me making a low chuckle. However only one of them is lucid and lively, and the other? OMG! I cannot comprehend what comes out of his anus of a mouth, even going so far as to hawk Bibles like a snake oil salesman. This is my opinion.

“It” is why I encourage voting, no, you don’t have to agree with me, just put on your sloppy sweatpants and filthy hoodie and just vote. It does matter and affects you and your loved ones even if you are unaware. Plz care.

There are more thumps coming from outside and while I don’t want to die in a freezing ditch the trees look so beautiful that I want to go out there and thank them for protecting me and mine. The murder of crows know me well because I used to feed them, the Bluejays never left, and I’m looking forward to dandelions and milkweed to appear. I pray there is enough moisture for them.

Ima go back to scrolling now for my own desperate amusement and then get a bite to eat and after that probably nap, because I can. I hope you had a Happy Egg Day and all. I gots more to share next month regarding my nest.